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Got Wanderlust? Add These 14 Travel Goals to your Bucket List Today

Join stir-crazy travelers and stay positive by making future travel goals

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After months of pent up wanderlust, homebound travelers are beginning to venture back out into the world with a renewed enthusiasm for travel. 

While most travelers stay closer to home as they figure out traveling in the new world, according to research from Pinterest, they're also looking toward the future and building bucket lists

The Hilton Grand Vacations family never stops dreaming of the adventures to come, and we're here to get you back out there.

Here are 14 travel bucket list ideas to start planning now.

Give Back

When planning your next vacation, make a goal to dedicate one or two days to volunteer. You’ll give back, immerse yourself in a new culture and meet friends for life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Plan a Missed Milestone Trip

Instead of mourning the missed milestones of 2020, find creative and safe ways to re-imagine celebrations through travel with those you love most. From graduations to family reunions, at Hilton Grand Vacations, making your milestone moments more powerful is our expertise.

Read When a Pandemic Interrupts Life's Celebrations: 4 Missed Milestone Trips to Plan Now to start re-imagining your traditions today. 

Be a Weekend Warrior

Put vacation anticipation back in your life and use your weekends to make travel a reality by planning short getaways within driving distance from your home. Just 48 hours somewhere can be an eye-opening and refreshing experience.

Read 8 Great Long Weekend Destinations to inspire your next getaway. 

Take a Solo Adventure

Solo travel can be a rewarding and transformative experience for some. Follow your own schedule, talk with locals and spend some time your terms.

Check out one Hilton Grand Vacations Owner and experienced solo traveler's solo travel tips in the vlog Adding Solo Travel to Your Bucket-List? Here Are 4 Things to Remember

Track Your Ancestry

With easily accessible DNA kits, DNA, or heritage, travel is taking off in popularity. Whether you've already researched your ancestral lineage or are starting the process, planning a trip based on your ancestry is a travel experience for your bucket list. 

If a pilgrimage to your homeland isn't possible, start domestically and track the immigration of your ancestors. Remember, you can use Hilton Grand Vacations points to stay with the Hilton portfolio of hotels worldwide

Try an Entirely New Cuisine

Plan your next vacation around the food you'll eat. Try a cooking class, search out international food trucks and dine in restaurants where you may not recognize the menu items.

Read 6 Vegan-Friendly Cities Around the World Worth Visiting for a taste of something new. 

Visit the National Parks

Embrace domestic travel and discover the beauty of the United States. Use your ClubPoints to rent an RV and hit the road exploring our protected sanctuaries. 

If a classic road trip is more your style, read National Parks Road Tripping with Kids (and Hilton Grand Vacations) to hear how one Owner used his Hilton Grand Vacations points for an epic road trip adventure. 

Go on a Private Sailing Vacation

Whether you're an expert sailor or you've never set sail before, add a sailing vacation a travel experience for your bucket list. Transfer your ClubPoints with to rent a private yacht to explore the beauty of the open seas.

Travel Kid-Free

It's fun to travel with the entire family but make a goal to plan a kid-free vacation. An adults-only getaway could be just what you need to spend quality time with your partner.

Read 3 Important Reasons to Take a Couples Only Vacation to find out why one Owner swears by kid-free trips. 

Go on Safari

Going on an African safari is the travel experience of a lifetime and with Hilton Grand Vacations ownership, it can become a reality. Choose from a variety of dream vacations in several destinations among Africa's big five.

Watch the Sunrise

Make it a goal to open the curtains, walk out to the beach or sit on your lanai curled up with a blanket to start your day drenched in the morning's colors. Not a morning person? Don't fret. You can always take a siesta after lunch. 


Jump on the digital detox bandwagon as you embark on your next adventure or getaway. Beyond the trend, there are real benefits to ditching your device — at least for a little while.

Get to Know Geography

Put a map in your house or use place mats with a world map at the table and start relearning the countries, capitals and as you add destinations to your travel list. To really test your geography IQ add these travel themed games to your next family game night rotation. 

Use Up All of Your Vacation Days

According to research by the U.S Travel Association, Americans left a staggering 768 million vacation on the table in 2018. 768. Million. Days. Make a goal to make time to take time.

Read "Can a Vacation Save Your Life?" to hear what Dr. Michael Rozien, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic, has to say on the health benefits of travel. 

To keep fueling your wanderlust, read Build Your Travel Bucket List and Plan Your Next Trip Now.


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