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3 Important Reasons to Take a Couples-Only Vacation

As if you needed more reasons to fuel your wanderlust

Marilyn M

When my husband I got married ten years ago, we promised each other we would prioritize the health of our relationship. That meant sometimes leaving the kids behind to travel. 

Fast forward to three kids later, and that intention quickly became part of a to-do list, rather than a priority.

We realized that we needed to be more intentional with our marriage. The day-to-day stressors of work and parenting were quickly adding up and getting in the way of spending much-needed quality time together.

Planning the time to get away seemed impossible. Still, as soon as we stopped worrying about the destination or length of our stay, everything changed.

1. They create lasting memories with your significant other

I will always remember the first getaways my husband and I took.


As avid food and sports enthusiasts, we always planned our weekend getaways around whenever our favorite baseball team was in town.

We would choose hotels with amazing waterfront views, such as the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel.

Dinner at the local burger joint was always a must, and drinks at the popular San Diego Gaslamp Quarter to end the night.

Although we were only one hour away from home, getting away without our kids for the weekend allowed us to focus on our relationship and spend quality time as a couple.

We often find ourselves reminiscing about the memories we created and shared. No matter your destination or length of stay, you will be left with experiences that will last forever.

2. You can cross items off your bucket list

As parents, our focus is always to be the "responsible adult" and make sure we take care of others. The best part of a couple's trip is we get to leave our comfort zone and do things you usually wouldn't do with the family.

My husband and I have been able to do things that we had never imagined doing before, such as zip lining in the forest.

For us, going on adventures as opposed to just "traveling" brings us closer together and has given us some of the best experiences of our lives. Living on the edge is always more fun when you get to experience it with the one you love.

3. Traveling builds a stronger bond


Taking a vacation is great, but it also can present unforeseen challenges.

Whether its navigating unknown territory or missing your flight, you can rely on each other for comfort, support, and advice.

I always tell my husband that his superpower is his ability to manage stress. I've never felt more protected by him than when we travel through a foreign country.

He's able to find quick solutions and calm my anxieties when problems arise.

Being in a committed relationship means being on the same team. There's no better way to put this in practice than while traveling. You rely on each other's skills and strengths and learn to have open communication.  

For over three years now, my husband and I have successfully committed to our goal of taking one family trip and at least one couple's only vacation annually.

We've enjoyed our alone time so much that we are hoping to increase those numbers in 2020.

Now it's time to plan your trip. Head on over to the Resorts and Destinations page and start envisioning where you and your better half can travel next. 


Marilyn M

Marilyn travels to satisfy her insatiable desire to see the world. Hailing from Perris, California and a Member at Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas, she’s a self-proclaimed foodie who fuels her wanderlust with the diverse flavors of the world. If you’re in need of a restaurant recommendation, look no further than Marilyn! It gives her great joy to share her favorite places to eat and what to order, along with special activities the whole family can enjoy without leaving their resort. Marilyn is especially great at sniffing out the best on-site amenities, events and special services offered at Hilton Grand Vacations properties that many people might not know about. In fact, her best vacation memory is watching her children’s faces beam with delight while watching fire dancers during a luau at an HGV resort in Hawaii.

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