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Family Vacations

4 Ideas For Creating Family Travel Traditions With Hilton Grand Vacations

Share travel experiences and create lasting memories together

The Vacationeer

Something special happens when you share experiences and make memories with the people you love. By starting a family vacation tradition, you can forge bonds, strengthen relationships and create a legacy that will be cherished and celebrated for generations to come.  

1. The Annual Getaway

Idyllic alpine scene, group of people, skiing, snowboarding, snow-covered mountain.    

Whether you’re exploring new cities or revisiting beloved destinations, annual family trips are a classic tradition for the whole crew.

  • Return to your home away from home. There’s something special about vacationing in the same place year over year. You know what to expect, and yet you’re always surprised that there’s more to explore. You look forward to visiting your favorite spots, like the local ice cream parlor or the make-your-own donut shop. You crave the comfort of familiar faces and feel right at home, even when you’re away.
  • Say hello to someplace new. Every destination is a new adventure. It’s a chance to foster curiosity, encourage discovery, try new things and embrace a completely new experience. You can make each trip a new chapter in your family’s travel story.

2. The Road Trip

Picturesque landscape, wide open road, snowcapped mountains in distance, blue skies overhead.    

The great American road trip continues to be a top choice for family vacations. In fact, nine out of 10 summer trips are in personal vehicles. Every year, you might head off to visit family members in far-away cities or set out to explore a new destination together.

From roadside attractions and car bingo to finding hidden gems along your route, every mile is another chance for you to make unforgettable memories.

Luckily, the United States is full of great routes to enjoy, from the California coast to South Carolina. You can add some extra comfort to your trip by staying with Hilton Grand Vacations along the way.

3. The Holiday Retreat

Travel traditions can add an extra layer of joy to the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bring family and friends together for special celebrations and festive activities. But the whole year is filled with holiday-based vacation possibilities.

Group of people watching fireworks over Waikiki Beach, Hilton Hawaiian Village®, Honolulu, Hawaii.    
  • Valentine’s Day. Forget the flowers and the chocolates, quality time is the sweetest gift. Traveling with your significant other is a great way to experience new places and cultures. You can take a full week off to unwind, plan a weekend escape or find an incredible day trip to enjoy. There’s always the option to turn an annual Valentine’s Day getaway into a Galentine's Day adventure with your best friends, too.
  • Fourth of July. There’s so much to love about celebrating America’s birthday, from the food to the fireworks to the family-friendly summer fun. It’s a great time to get away and make vacation memories. Consider an annual trip that’s focused on finding the country’s most epic fireworks displays. Visit cities like Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Nashville.
  • Labor Day. Before you say goodbye to summer every year, think about planning one more family adventure over the long Labor Day weekend. Whether you want to lounge on a Florida beach, play in Lake Tahoe, hike in the Smoky Mountains or explore a charming city like Charleston, there are countless options for you to consider.

4. The Little Travel Rituals

Woman making heart hands, sunset, Hawaii.    

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make you smile. Here are a few simple rituals you can add to every vacation experience:

  • Collect mementos. Keychains, coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments or magnets — decide on a souvenir and collect one from each place you visit.
  • Snag a postcard. Write down a few of your favorite moments from the day and send yourself a picture-perfect message in the mail. The memory will be waiting when get back home.
  • Snap a photo. Recreate the same snapshot in every place you visit. Maybe you strike the same pose, seek out similar landscapes or wear the same shirt in your pictures. Soon enough, you’ll have a photo collage that captures your adventures in a fun and unique way.
  • Build a quote library. You can always rely on family members and friends to say something kind, clever or funny. Use your phone to take a note and capture the quote in the moment. You can use the quotes in a scrapbook, share them on social media or just look back at them and smile.

For more inspiration, check out “How To Create Your Ultimate Travel Bucket List” and start envisioning your next adventure together. 

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