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Five Benefits of Predictive Travel

Visiting the same place is anything but boring

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"Been there, done that."

For many vacationers, this sums up the thought of travelling to the same place twice. After all, where’s the adventure in going back to a resort, restaurants and attractions you’ve already experienced?

Studies show that a little more than half of millennials are returning to places they’ve already visited. But is it right for you? It turns out there may be more appeal to revisiting your favorite destination than you'd think – even for younger travelers. For example,you know exactly what to expect. And making travel arrangements takes a lot less time when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Before you completely write off a “deja vacation,” consider these benefits of predictive travel:

1. It brings back old memories.

In life, vacations are where some of our best memories are made. So after a while, returning to the same vacation destination can feel like going home. Rather than relying solely on photos and home movies, returning to the scene of the action can help you relive your favorite memories – while making new ones you'll enjoy for years to come.

2. There are no surprises.

Surprises can be fun. But they're something we typically like to avoid when it comes to things like resort amenities. Remember that bedding that helped you get the best sleep of your life? The restaurant you couldn't resist? Familiarity helps eliminate unwelcome mysteries about what you'll experience on vacation. It's why so many of our owners return to their favorite Hilton Grand Vacation destinations year after year.

3. You become a familiar face.

As the theme from the 80s sitcom Cheers so eloquently states, "sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name." When you return to the same Hilton resorts time and time again, staff can start to feel like family. When staff are familiar with your needs and preferences, you can expect a smoother trip – and maybe some insider advice.

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4. There are new areas to explore.

You're bound to miss something during your first visit to any destination. Returning to the same setting gives you a chance to experience something new and different. You may find each visit will help you gain a new perspective of your favorite vacation spot.

5. You spend less time researching.

Whether you're choosing a destination, booking flights or making resort reservations, planning the perfect vacation takes time. In fact, one poll found the average vacationer spent about 8 hours researching travel options. By comparison, returning to the same destination can make booking travel a breeze.

Vacations that keep you coming back

Knowing what to expect when you travel reduces stress and helps you jump right to relaxation. With Hilton Grand Vacations, you can discover your own little slice of home in some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world.

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