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Hilton Grand Vacations' 3-Step Guide to Mother's Day

Whether Mom prefers to celebrate Mother's Day by going out or staying in, make it special

The Vacationeer
Mom with young child.

How you spend your time matters to us. It is, quite literally, the reason we do what we do.

With Mother's Day quickly approaching (Before you Google “when is Mother’s Day,” it’s May 10), we want to help you add a touch of Hilton hospitality to your celebration. 

Creating memorable experiences for those we care about is our specialty, and our guide will help you honor mom the way she deserves. 

Make Shared Experiences More Memorable with Special Touches

Make the day exceptional by paying attention to the details. Consider adding fresh cut flowers to her space or having them delivered. If you want to up the ante (hint, hint), make your home feel "away" with these hotel-inspired ideas.

Plan the day’s menu and be sure to do dishes if it involves cooking. 

Pro-tip: Skip the Mother's Day brunch and try these Easy Meals to Make (and Make the Most of Your Time Together).

Make Self-Care Sunday Happen

The idea that women, specifically mothers, bear the weight of managing the home has historically been a product of anecdotal research — until recently.

Thanks to studies like Bright Horizon's annual Modern Family Index, we can now say with certainty that mothers carry the load at home. Moms are not only responsible for the majority of the physical work that goes into running a household, but they also own what we call themental load

It's time for mothers everywhere to enjoy some well-deserved self-care. For the active mom, facilitate time for her to take a Mother's Day run or practice yoga using one of these seven fitness apps for anywhere, anytime workouts

If a spa day isn't on the agenda this year, all is not lost. We've got eight ideas for transforming your bathroom into Shangri-La

Plan a “Momcation”

The New York Times shared that hashtag #momcation appears in more than 52,000 Instagram posts. Fifty. Two. Thousand. It's about time. Momcations, or a short trip (think a long weekend), have been on the rise as more studies find the true work-load of today's mothers. Mom-burnout is real, but so is mom guilt. 

Give your mom permission to take a few days to herself. Better yet, sit down with her and help her plan.

Bonus: Research from a 2010 study tells us that planning and anticipating a trip is the happiest part of the journey. 

Check out 8 Great Long-Weekend Destinations to start planning a momcation worthy of your mom.



The Vacationeer

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