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Unlocking Adventure: How One Couple Enjoys The Flexibility Of Timeshare With Hilton Grand Vacations

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Hilton Grand Vacations Owners, national parks vacation, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.

In a world where schedules and deadlines can dictate your day to day, vacation is a welcomed escape that promises time away. That’s just one of the reasons Kurt and Linda H. became Hilton Grand Vacations Members. See how they use timeshare to bring family together, take once-in-a-lifetime trips and make unforgettable memories.

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners, Arizona vacation, Grand Canyon.    

Embracing The Vacation Life

Kurt and Linda’s membership journey began in 1999 with a family trip to Paradise, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We went on a timeshare presentation and enjoyed the complimentary show tickets. We had our girls with us, too — our daughters, Tanya and Stephanie,” Kurt explains.

“We made the decision to become Members because Linda owned a gift store at the time, and having timeshare really helped encourage her to take time away,” he said. “We were finally able to just go and enjoy a vacation together.

Then we upgraded our membership through the years, ultimately becoming HGV Max Premier Plus Members.”

"We had more to gain by choosing HGV Max because we were going to get access to more resorts."

— Kurt H.

Through the years, the couple has owned weeks at several properties, including Kings’ Land, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, a Waikoloa timeshare resort located on the Big Island of Hawaii, La Pacifica Los Cabos, a Hilton Club on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and Grand Waikikian, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club on Oahu.

One of Kurt’s key tips about timeshare is making vacation a priority. “The big thing is you have to use it,” he says. “Make sure you use it, so you don’t lose the opportunity to get away. Learn how to use your points and maximize your membership.”

"I don't think we've ever had a bad vacation."

— Kurt H.

Taking One-Of-A-Kind Trips

Beautiful mountain vista, serene tree-lined lake, snowcapped mountains in distance, Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.    

For Kurt and Linda, every trip is a new adventure. A chance to see the world differently and travel in unique and exciting ways. “This is probably the highlight of our membership,” Kurt shared.

“We took a Tauck-guided tour National Parks vacation, which is an exclusive journey we were able to book using our points.”

“We took a bus trip through the Grand Teton Mountains,” Linda explained. “We stayed in Yellowstone and our room looked right out at Old Faithful. We flew into the airport, they picked us up, they brought us to the hotel and then we basically only touched our luggage to put it outside the door.”

“It was a week-long trip,” Kurt continued. “We were in a new place almost every day and we would stop along the way and do different activities, see the major sights, and enjoy excursions in the park. It was really special!”

"We had premium access to everything, and that's what I've gotten used to as a Member."

— Linda H.

“We stayed at a working ranch one night. We went to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. We went to the rodeo in Cody, Wyoming, and we toured Snake River floating on one of those big rafts they use for rapids. It was really cool. And the best part: We didn’t have to arrange any of it. Everything was planned for us,” Kurt concludes.

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners, national parks vacation, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota.    

The couple went on to share a few more of their favorite places for family vacations.

“We’ve been going to Mexico for the past 15 years. We love it. Los Cabos, in particular,” said Linda. “We went horseback riding on the beach there,” Kurt added.

“We also loved staying at Seawatch On-the-Beach with our grandkids, daughter and son-in-law. It’s a great location, especially with kids. The beach is great, and the water isn’t too deep, so you can go out really far,” Kurt shared.


"He books everything. I just pack my suitcase and go!"

— Linda H.

Enjoying The Comforts Of Home

The comforts of home are at your fingertips when you stay with Hilton Grand Vacations. And the little details that you love in your Suite can make a big difference. It might be the coziness of the comforter or the plushness of the pillows. For Linda, it was the luxurious freestanding shower at Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners, horseback riding on beach, Los Cabos, Mexico.    

“There was one shower in Vegas that influenced me to get three shower jets in our remodeled bathroom at home,” she recalled. “Some of the trips we’ve taken have inspired other features in our house too,” Kurt added.

“We have Hilton pillows,” Linda explained. Kurt recalls that it was the pillows at La Pacifica, in particular, that caught their eye. “I was so impressed with the rooms at La Pacifica,” Linda shared.

"It’s like taking a little slice of vacation home with you."

— Linda H.

Sharing The Joy Of Timeshare

Another stand-out benefit of Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare is flexibility. You can choose when, where and how you vacation. You can also share the joy of travel with others.

“I gifted a stay to some coworkers, and they visited Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas. They were so impressed with the whole experience, especially the little things — like seeing their names appear on the TV screen in the Suite along with a welcome message,” Kurt mentioned. “And we've gifted several stays to our daughter as well.”

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