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Ownership Reviews: Take a Guided Tour with Tauck and Hilton Grand Vacations

The Vacationeer
Owner Spotlight

Vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations opens up a whole new world of travel experiences. We at Hilton Grand Vacations can tell you how ClubPartner Perks will change the way you travel. But sometimes, it’s best to hear it from our Club Members themselves.

Sharon and Mark booked a Tauck-guided tour through New Orleans and the Mississippi River.

Here’s how they’re owning their vacation as Hilton Grand Vacations Club Members:

Q: What is your history with Hilton Grand Vacations?

Sharon and Mark: We’ve been members for about 14 years. My son and his wife (who were already Members) gifted us their ClubPoints to travel to Waikoloa for our 10th wedding anniversary.

We were so impressed with the resort’s beauty, customer service and activities that we signed up right then and there. We knew that Hilton Grand Vacations would allow us to travel the world and learn about many different places and cultures.

Q: Where is your Home Resort?

Sharon and Mark: We bought into the original Las Vegas property. We love our Home Resort because of its location on The Strip and the choices in terms of booking. We’re able to get a 1- or 2-bedroom suite, and the kitchen is fantastic. Now when we travel with our family and friends we can casually cook and eat together in the dining space.

We can’t say enough about the employees, either. They’re so attentive and friendly every time we visit.

Q: Tell us the story of your recent Tauck guided journey?

Sharon and Mark: We’re thrilled to have discovered Hilton Grand Vacations’ partnership with Tauck. We decided to book the New Orleans and Mississippi River Plantation Tour, and we could go on for days about how much we loved each and every part of the trip.

The tour was top-notch from beginning to end. From the time we left the airport in New Orleans, we didn’t have to lift a finger. The accommodations were amazing, including the Ritz Carlton and the famous Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter.

We ate at some of the best restaurants in New Orleans. We even got to attend cooking school and learn how to make Creole gumbo and jambalaya.

If we were to travel here on our own, there is no way we would have had the same experience. Our guides were so knowledgeable and we really got to learn its history and culture. We saw first-hand the ongoing effects of Hurricane Katrina and the preservation of the city.

The bus drivers were amazing, too. If any of the guests didn’t want to walk, or needed a break, the drivers would take them back to the hotel and then return when they were ready for more.

Some highlights of our trip include:

  • Taking a float plane over New Orleans and the Bayou. We had no idea how large Lake Pontchartrain really is.
  • Enjoying our own private jazz performance at Preservation Hall.
  • Learning the history and secrets of the Mardi Gras parade on Bourbon Street.
  • Exploring the Houmas House Plantation in Baton Rouge.
  • Riding a steam paddleboat along the Mississippi River.
  • Touring the World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Our itinerary was well-organized, but we loved that Tauck gave us time to explore on our own.

The eight days flew by much too quickly. By the end of the trip, we learned that we were one of the only travelers on their first Tauck tour. Most guests had done an average of 12, with one woman on her 63rd Tauck trip!

Q: Has this trip inspired you to travel with Tauck again?

Sharon and Mark: Yes, we’re already talking about taking a Tauck tour through England, Ireland and Wales. This would be a heritage tour for us. We’re also interested in the winter Yellowstone tour, complete with snow carriages and more.

Q: How did you use ClubPoints toward a certificate? Was it worth it?

Sharon and Mark: It was definitely worth it to use our points for a Tauck trip. First, we researched Tauck’s website to find the trip we wanted. Friends of ours took the New Orleans tour and raved about it, so we were convinced.

I called a Club Counselor, they mailed our certificate and then we booked it. It was that simple.

Q: Would you recommend fellow Owners use their ClubPoints with Tauck?

Sharon and Mark: Absolutely. Tauck makes it easy to explore your destination, and you aren’t on your own to plan the trip. We got a complete feel for the culture and lifestyle of New Orleans and the Bayou.

If you’re the type of traveler who likes to explore and learn, a Tauck journey is a great option for you.

Q: Where are you off to next with Hilton Grand Vacations?

Sharon and Mark: Although we talked a lot about going to Breckenridge during the summer, there are many properties we want to see. We just need to find the time. Next year, we’ll look into taking shorter trips to travel somewhere we’ve never been.

We aren’t sit-around-the-pool people. We love to get out and really get to know a destination. But of course, some days we do just want to relax around the resort, and we love how relaxed we feel with Hilton Grand Vacations.

Relax and adventure with vacation ownership

Hilton Grand Vacations gives travelers a range of vacation experiences. Sit by the pool, see the world or do both through vacation ownership. Whether you want to explore or cozy up at your Home Resort, the choice is yours.

Call us at 877-773-4482 or fill out our online contact form to pursue your dream vacation today.


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