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Hawaii Says Aloha, Again: Here's What You Need To Know About Planning a Trip to Hawaii in Today’s World

Paradise awaits you

The Vacationeer

Good news arrived the morning of October 15. The Hawaiian Islands, previously closed to visitors unable to complete a 10-day quarantine upon arrival, re-opened to travelers without a mandatory quarantine. However, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority there are a few caveats. 

  • Visitors five years and older must test negative for an approved pre-travel COVID-19 test. 
  • You must have proof of your negative COVID-19 test before landing in the islands.
  • Travelers from CDC-prohibited countries are still unable to enter the islands. 

The restrictions, while straightforward, may understandably raise questions among wanderlust-fueled travelers. 

Here are our answers to some of the top questions about planning a trip to Hawaii during COVID-19. 

1. How do I get a pre-travel COVID-19 test?

Mother will two small children wearing face coverings looking at a tablet at the airport.    

First, all travelers 18 years or older must register with Hawaii Safe Travels and follow the instructions, including:

  • Testing negative for an approved COVID-19 test 72 hours before arrival in Hawaii.
  • Uploading your negative test results to Hawaii Safe Travels before landing in the islands. 
  • Completing a health questionnaire 24 hours before arrival.
  • Presenting your Safe Travels QR code to local officials upon arrival.

And depending on where you land, you may have to test twice. Travelers headed to the Big Island will need to test negative once more and have a healthy temperature at the airport to avoid a mandatory 10-day quarantine.  

Hawaiian beach with the text "aloha, again, know before you go." Click for free printable.   

Lastly, it's important to take an approved COVID-19 test. The Hawaii Safe Travels website keeps updated information on its trusted testing and travel partners.

If you're traveling with children, keep in mind that while children under five are not required to test, older children are. Confirm your test provider tests children over five years old.         

Print out these step-by-step directions for stress-free planning. 

2. Which airlines are flying to Hawaii?

As you plan your trip, you'll notice fewer flights to and from the Hawaiian Islands. However, there are perks to flying with certain airlines—they'll coordinate your COVID-19 testing. 

Airlines providing COVID-19 testing concierge:

  • United Airlines. If flying United, plan 10 days for testing to avoid the 10-day quarantine after landing. The fee is $80 for a mail-in test
  • Hawaiian Airlines. Fees to fly and test through Hawaiian are $90 to $150 depending on where you're flying from and how quickly you need results. 
  • Alaska Airlines. Fly with Alaska for test results within two hours for a fee of $125.00
  • American Airlines. For $129 you can take an at-home test or a pre-flight rapid test at select airports with American Airlines.

3. Are Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii resorts open?

Roof top movie theater at Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations in Hawaii.    

Team members welcomed Owners and guests at select Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii resorts starting in July when we began re-opening resorts in phases.       

The Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii resorts currently open are:

Please read our Hawaii Travel Alerts page for up-to-date information about staying with us in Hawaii. 

4. What are Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaiian resorts doing to keep Owners and guests healthy?     

Hilton CleanStay Graphic promoting social distancing to stay safe and health while traveling with Hilton Grand Vacations.   

We're working hard so you can travel with peace of mind. Through our participation in Hilton CleanStay™, we've enhanced our already high housekeeping and cleanliness standards. 

5. What will it be like when I get there?

Since implementing the new travel protocols in October, Hawaii has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors from the U.S. mainland. To give you an idea of what to expect when you get to Hawaii, Hiro Y., a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, shared his experience with us.

"I recently stayed at the Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations. I’ve been to Hawaii 100 times in my life, and in the past six to seven years, I go three to four times a year, and whenever possible, I stay at Hokulani. It’s a great location, and everything is walkable. I was there two weeks ago, a couple of days after Hawaii opened up.

The new practices and protocols around the property were fantastic. I appreciated that everyone followed the mandatory face-covering policy. The plexiglass partitions at the front desk were new. There were signs everywhere about how much they sanitized everything, and there were hand sanitizers every place you looked. It was fantastic. 

There was also a sticker that covered the door jam in my room, and it showed how the room had been sanitized. That was really comforting, and I didn’t worry for a second."

— Hiro Y., Hilton Grand Vacations Owner since 2001

6. What if I want to travel between islands?

Once you've passed the mandates for entering Hawaii, you'll want to adhere to local restrictions when traveling between islands. 

As a general rule of thumb, there's a partial inter-island travel quarantine in effect through November 30. The quarantine applies to all people traveling within the state to the counties of Kalawao, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii (also known as The Big Island). 

It does not include inter-island travelers arriving on Oahu. The self-quarantine period begins immediately upon arrival and lasts 10 days or the duration of the person's stay, whichever is shorter.

Travel Safely

Whether now is the right time to travel to Hawaii is a personal choice. However, when you're ready, we're ready for you. Our team members can't wait to say aloha, again. 

Read Hawaii Hiking Adventures for ideas on how to explore the islands and stay healthy.


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