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5 Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

The Vacationeer

Part of the thrill of traveling is seeing new places. Maybe you’ve seen a picture of a snow-capped mountain or white, sandy beaches and thought, “I have to go there.”

Whether you’re a hiker, beach-goer or spa enthusiast, there are hot spots around the world that appeal to all types of travelers. As your lifestyle changes, your travel bucket list may change, too.

Whatever experience you’re craving, here are five travel destinations that could help define your next dream vacation:

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

National Geographic magazine recently named Los Cabos one of the must-see places to visit. Why? Los Cabos resorts give you a front seat to all of the Baja Peninsula’s sights, including its mountains, beaches and deserts. Absorb the luxurious beach resort experience without missing the peninsula's inland wonders.

Stay: Find your perfect Hilton Grand Vacations destination in Mexico—like this all-inclusive golf and spa resort in Los Cabos.

2. Carlsbad, California

Looking for a relaxing West Coast getaway but can’t decide between Los Angeles or San Diego? Try a city in between. Carlsbad is a quaint coastal village overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is a perfect place for those who want to relax by the water and stay close to other Southern California attractions.

Stay: Consider a Hilton Grand Vacations Carlsbad resort.

3. Japan

History buffs, beach-goers, city slickers and mountaineers all have opportunities in Japan. From big cities to the countryside, Japan is full of rich tradition and natural wonders. Many destinations are close to ancient hot springs, mountain greenery, waterfalls and bamboo forests. If you travel in the winter, don’t forget your skis. Japan hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics, and skiing is wildly popular in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Stay: Find a Japanese destination that fits your tastes — whether it’s near the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or the serene island of Sesokojima.

4. Italy

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy combines tranquility with heritage. Stroll through the rolling Tuscan countryside or picturesque cities of Florence and Pisa. When you’re not indulging in wine and pasta, relax on famed Italian beaches or exclusive golf courses.

Stay: Find a Hilton Grand Vacations Club that provides a truly authentic Italian experience–like a resort located in the heart of Tuscany.

5. Scotland

Scotland is more than kilts and bagpipes. The landscape is rural and charming, making for gorgeous hikes and a full immersion into Scottish culture. From large woodland estates to quaint villages and rolling farmlands, discover all of the romantic charm that Scotland offers.

Stay: Discover Hilton Grand Vacations accommodations in Scotland — ranging from private country estate to acreage in Cairngorm National Park.

Plan your next destination

Since everyone travels differently, no two bucket lists will be the same. With Hilton Grand Vacations, there are opportunities to go places you’ve never been before.

Own your vacation and fill out our online contact form. Give us a call at 800-230-7068 to learn more about vacation ownership through Hilton Grand Vacations.


The Vacationeer

The Vacationeer is a collective of Hilton Grand Vacations storytellers whose goal is to inspire travelers to go further. We're always on the lookout for new destinations to explore, useful travel tips, and unique ideas to help you plan the most memorable vacations possible.

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