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How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Honeymoon With Hilton Grand Vacations

One Owner shares how to make your honeymoon as magical as your special day, without breaking the bank

Kassi P.

As with any vacation, planning a honeymoon can be a little stressful.

"Do we have our flights?"

"Where are we staying?"

"What do we need to pack?" 

Aerial view of the Vegas Strip.    

Thankfully, with Hilton Grand Vacations – planning our honeymoon was a breeze.

Honestly, the hardest part was figuring out where we would travel, because as Owners with Hilton Grand Vacations we can choose from some of the best honeymoon destinations, and stay on budget.          

Fortunately, we had 6,800 bonus points from when we signed up to become Owners in 2018. The bonus points allowed us to choose not only one but two locations for our honeymoon: Las Vegas and Hawaii. 

Two more states that we could check off on our "couples travel" list.

With our honeymoon destinations booked, we had some other important decisions to make. 

Studios, 1-, 2- and 3-Bedroom Suites — Choosing Accommodations 

Typically, since we travel as a couple, we choose to stay in a studio. 

However, with it being our honeymoon, we wanted to reconsider our typical travel style. Throughout the planning process, we thought about how much we'd actually be in the room in each destination to see if it was worth upgrading to 1-bedroom suite. 

Master bedroom with view of the golf course at Ocean Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations on The Big Island of Hawaii.    

The Owners access only Club section on the Hilton Grand Vacations website was a lifesaver during this part of the process. 

What I love about the website is how easy it is to see the points required for your stay. It takes all of the guesswork out of planning a budget-friendly honeymoon. 

With 6,800 points and about eight days to work with, we quickly decided on a studio at Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas, and a 1-bedroom suite at Ocean Tower by Hilton Grand Vacations on The Big Island. 

We knew that we'd likely be out and about more often during a quick weekend trip to Vegas. While on The Big Island — where we'd spend most of our time — it's all about relaxation mode. Ultimately, we couldn't go wrong with our choices, as both destinations and accommodations are incredible. 

Planning Honeymoon Activities

While I love planning, I like to make sure that we don't over-plan a trip. 

For us, it's so important sometimes to do things on a whim. A little spontaneity allows us to create a mini-adventure within our getaway. We've had the most unforgettable memories and seem to find the best local hangouts when we let the trip unfold —  unplanned. 

Couple snorkeling in Hawaii 

With that said, we do like having a few scheduled activities. Our scheduled activities for this trip included a day-long tour around The Big Island and dining reservations at a popular spot in Vegas.

This way, we have must-do experiences booked throughout the trip, and then anything additional is a bonus.

Sunset on The Big Island.   

The Hilton Grand Vacations Tours & Activities Group Was A Huge Help 

When I'm visiting a new travel destination, I love getting fellow travelers' opinions on the best tours, restaurants to try and more. I was so thankful for all of the help that we got when booking activities in Hawaii.

Our agent provided all the details needed to help us make the best budget-friendly decision possible, which was the Circle Tour around The Big Island with Kailani Tours. She also recommended some other great ideas for potential excursions when we arrived in Hawaii. 

The Many Benefits Of Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare

One of the most significant benefits of timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations is the resources available. There are so many resources to help you plan your honeymoon or vacation, such as the Club Guide located on the resort pages. If you need any additional assistance, a Club Counselor is only one call away to assist.

So, whether your planning a honeymoon or a romantic getaway on a budget, don't forget to think about Hilton Grand Vacations. Staying at these incredible properties was a perfect way to kick off a lifetime together. 

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Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, Kassi P.

Kassi P.

Kassi is a three-time Explorer and Owner since 2018, when she and her husband, then in their late 20's, decided vacation ownership was the next step in building a life filled with travel. As Orlando locals, they enjoy staycations and exploring The City Beautiful, but have never actually stayed at their home resort, Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village.  

When she's not using her ClubPoints in Florida, this urban traveler has a love of international travel and a sweet spot for her second home — New York City, which is where she got engaged while staying at West 57th Street by Hilton Club. When asked about her long run in the Explorer program, Kassi says, "It's my goal to inspire someone to create new memories, get out and travel and make the most out of vacation ownership."

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