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4 Reasons To Treat The Mom In Your Life To A Vacation

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Vacations are key to self-care. For busy mothers, taking momcations provides the ultimate refresh and reset. However, with an ever-growing to-do list, it can be challenging for Mom to take a break — let alone plan a solo vacation.

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Here’s where you come in.

Show the mom in your life some love — whether she’s a wife, aunt, grandma, step-mom, mother-in-law, maternal figure or another loved one with kids of her own — and treat her to a well-deserved vacation. Can you imagine a better way to celebrate Mom?

Here are four reasons to gift the mom in your life with a trip (and take care of the planning).

1. Give Her Space To Relax And Unwind

The phrase “Parenthood is a marathon, not a sprint” aptly describes the experience of rearing children for many moms. According to a 2023 survey from the Pew Research Center, 41% of parents report parenthood as tiring. However, eight in ten parents say it’s also rewarding and enjoyable — which makes sense. A lot of effort goes into raising children to become conscientious, successful adults.

That’s why Mom needs to take care of herself during the marathon of motherhood. Her well-being is just as important as her children in the long term — and vacations are a great source of rejuvenation. Taking time off from the daily grind can benefit physical and mental health. Plus, it’s easy to add de-stressing to an itinerary, whether a trip to the spa for some pampering or even catching up on much-needed sleep.

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2. Reaffirm Your Support

While solo time can be relaxing for Mom, vacations can also be a time for her support system to band together and show her that you care.

Maybe this looks like a girls’ weekend getaway or a retreat with other moms — trying something new, exploring fantastic locations or just reconnecting. A weekend off can help remind Mom that you’re there to support her.

You could even treat the entire family to a vacation and watch the kids for a day while Mom takes time for herself. Thankfully, Hilton Grand Vacations has plenty of properties in family-friendly destinations that will make it easy to keep kids out of Mom’s hair.

3. Celebrate Milestones

Childhood is full of milestones, from first words to graduation ceremonies. But don’t forget to celebrate Mom’s milestones, too — including birthdays, anniversaries and the first time she successfully gets everyone to school on time.

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Or maybe a getaway is a chance to mark family milestones with loved ones, such as family reunions, baby showers or empty-nester holidays. Whatever the occasion, a vacation helps Mom commemorate key moments.

Just be sure to snap a few pictures of her during the trip if she’s usually the one behind the camera. She’ll appreciate looking back on cute candid photos.

4. Rediscover Mom’s Passions

Often, Mom’s interests take a back seat to soccer practice and dance rehearsals. Customize a vacation where Mom can enjoy her hobbies at her own pace.

Plan your vacation around her interests and bucket list, whether hopping on a cruise, visiting her favorite literary-inspired destination, joining a culinary adventure, taking a photography tour or trying out experiential travel.

Read “5 Great Getaway Ideas To Celebrate Mothers — Any Day Of The Year” for more inspiration on how to treat the mother in your life and make her feel loved.

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