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Vacations Make Life Better, but It’s the Memories That Are Priceless

Hilton Grand Vacations Owners reminisce on their favorite vacation memories

The Vacationeer
A couple walking together poolside at Elara a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Making experiences unforgettable and milestone moments more powerful — it's what we've been doing for our Owners and Guests since 1992. Our Hilton Grand Vacations family has grown to more than 325,000 members strong.  

One of the many benefits our Owners enjoy as part of vacation ownership is their access to our 55 Hilton Grand Vacations resorts, 4,300 resorts globally through RCI® vacation exchange resorts and more than 6,100 Hilton hotels. 

It's no wonder they've created vacation memories worth reminiscing on, year after year. 

When you share your experiences with us, it makes our day. Here are some of our favorites. 

Sue M., Owner since 2015

Our favorite vacation memory with Hilton Grand Vacations (so far), was our first stay at Craigendarroch Suites in Scotland. It took 28 hours to get there, and we lost our luggage along the way, but the entire experience helped us overcome our fear of planning our first trip to Europe. 

Scotland was not even a destination on our list, but when we first became members, we were excited to see that there were travel destinations in Europe we could visit.

The Scottish Highlands were peaceful and beautiful. The land tour guides we had were excellent, and the Hilton Grand Vacations resort team members were knowledgeable and friendly. We look forward to returning to visit another Hilton Grand Vacations property in Scotland (there are four) along with others in Europe.  

Jessica M., Owner since 2019

I've loved taking my niece on a couple of trips with Hilton Grand Vacations. One of my favorites was taking her to Tuscany Village in Orlando, Florida recently — she felt like a queen. Especially given how hard the last several months have been, having this time with her and enjoying the top-notch service was amazing! 

Marilyn M., Owner since 2017

My favorite Hilton Grand Vacations vacation memory has to be the first trip we took as Owners to The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our first night on the island was nothing short of amazing, and we had the pleasure of attending our very first luau on the hotel's rooftop.

We were pleasantly surprised when we got upgraded to VIP seating and experienced the show up close and personal. I'll never forget the smile on my girls' faces after the fire dancers performed right in front of them. That was a night we will always remember!

Fallon S., Owner since 2017

I have so many different moments that I would consider a favorite, but the one that stands out the most is all about family. Taking my mom on her very first vacation to Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld is my favorite memory.

She got to relax and focus on bonding with us, take an actual nap in the middle of the day and even go to Walt Disney World. Knowing that vacation ownership makes those family moments and smiles happen makes it worthwhile, and I can't wait for our next Hilton Grand Vacations trip.

Apryl S., Owner since 2014

There are so many from which to pick. Honestly, it isn't easy to choose which Hilton Grand Vacations memory is my favorite, but I think one of my favorites was the first time we went to Sunrise Lodge in Park City, Utah and saw how HUGE our room was. 

We had so much space to stretch out and unwind after a full day of skiing, and not to mention that there was a lift literally right outside the door to the property so we could skip all the lines that we wanted!

We love the fact that annual ski trips are possible with ownership through Hilton Grand Vacations. 

Kassi P., Owner since 2018

Thinking back, I'd have to say my favorite memory with Hilton Grand Vacations is sitting outside at Ocean Tower on the Big Island, and watching the sunset. This trip was already so special since it was our honeymoon, but every time I think about my perfect place, it's that moment! The peacefulness, the beauty of nature and sitting there with my husband. I don't think it gets much better than that.  

A Family of Travel Enthusiasts

If you share our belief that vacations make life better, explore the many benefits of a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare and see if vacation ownership is right for you. 

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