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5 Reasons To Take More Vacation Photos — And Some Real-Life Examples To Inspire You

You don’t need to be a professional to take memorable photos. Just check out what our Members and Guests are capturing

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A couple stands together at the pool at Royal Palm, a Hilton Vacation Club in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean

When you think of vacation souvenirs, you might think of magnets, snow globes or T-shirts. However, the simplest souvenir provides the most long-lasting happiness: vacation photos.

Studies show a positive relationship between photography and happiness for vacationers, especially when photography helps build relationships and connections with loved ones. Whether you’re planning a staycation after a long week or taking a multi-generational getaway somewhere new, snapping a few photos may help you enjoy your vacation even more.


Here are five reasons you should consider taking more vacation photos, no matter your destination.

1. Preserve Treasured Memories

Vacations can feel fleeting, but memories last a lifetime. Photos allow you to relive the joy of your trip long after it’s over, from the place you saw to the food you tried. They tell the story of your journey, even after you’ve checked out.

Two children smile while sitting on a comfortable bed in a Suite at The Grand Islander, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Oahu, Hawaii 

Document your adventures with a few clicks of your camera. You’ll love being able to look back on smiling faces and beautiful places.

And don’t forget to take some simple, candid shots. Not every picture needs to be a staged extravaganza. Sometimes the best photos come from a relaxing morning indoors.

2. Share With Loved Ones

Whether it’s family, friends or future generations, sharing vacation photos allows others to connect with your experiences. It’s a way to bring them along on your adventure, even if they can’t physically be there.

Bonus: Snap a few group shots or portraits, then print and frame them as a thoughtful gift after the getaway.

3. Capture Local Culture

Try photographing the essence of the local culture, architecture, cuisine and traditions through photography. Photography can help you notice small details you’d otherwise overlook, such as lighting, texture and color. These glimpses into the heart of a place add depth to your memory and can carry appreciation to your own backyard when you’re home.

A woman in an orange dress and jean jacket in Central Park in New York City 

4. Express Yourself Creatively

Ultimately, photography is an art form — one that helps you see the world through a different lens. Experiment with composition, lighting and angles to explore both the destination and your creativity.

You can also use photography to create visual diaries to capture specific days, events and even emotions. Learn about seven photography styles to try on your next getaway to help you branch out your skills.

5. Inspire Others

Your vacation photos can encourage others to explore new destinations, try new activities or simply take a break from their routines. Think of all the swoony-worthy Instagram pictures you’ve encountered of Hilton Grand Vacations locations, including Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, New York and Hawaii.

Sharing your adventures encourages a sense of wanderlust and may even inspire someone to take a much-needed vacation.

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Read “9 Expert Tips for Taking Better Vacation Photos” for a few easy ways to level up your photography.

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