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4 Easy Tips To Plan A Vacation Your Dad Will Love

Show your appreciation and create lifelong memories — together

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A father and daughter head to the beach at Sint Maarten

Whether you have a dad who has everything or just want to celebrate the father figure in your life, a vacation is a great way to bond. After all, nothing says “I love you” like the gift of quality time in a new location.

Here are four steps to help plan a getaway worthy of the dad in your life.

A father and his adult son kayak together 

1. Pick A Destination Based On His Interests

Learn more about your dad’s hobbies and determine the destination from there. For example, if your dad is an avid sports fan, take him to a game or tournament. For music lovers, pick up concert tickets to his favorite band or plan stops at museums dedicated to musicians. There are also plenty of attractions for car enthusiasts, from the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles to the 24 Hours of Le Mans Museum in France.

The great outdoors also offers plenty of ways to connect with your dad, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Car on a road through mountains 

2. Enjoy The Journey

It may be tempting to take the quickest route between home and your destination. However, slow down and enjoy time with Dad with a classic road trip. Download a few episodes from his favorite podcast or an audiobook.

Plan a few stops to break up long stretches of driving. Bonus points if the stops include his interests or landmarks from his past.

Prepare some questions to get him talking about his life. You may hear never-before-heard stories and gain valuable insight into the man you call Dad.

Once at your destination, there are other ways to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Try biking to get around rather than renting a car or ride sharing so you can explore new locations at your own pace.

3. Take Time To Pamper

Speaking of slowing down, dads need care and relaxation, too. After all, anyone can enjoy pampering at a spa or soaking in natural hot springs. Or surprise your dad with a special meal or treat.

A father holds his young son at a pool in Las Vegas 

Also, leave room in your itinerary for downtime for you and your father to relax — whether relaxing looks like lounging in your Suite or taking a scenic walk.

4. Try Something New

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to try. Don’t be afraid to help your dad knock out some of his bigger items, such as finally visiting New York City, attending an F1® race or booking a private yacht. Or encourage him to try something new, like taking a foraging class, trying a new hobby or meeting his favorite celebrity at an HGV Ultimate Access event.

Whatever the Father’s Day getaway looks like, Hilton Grand Vacations is here to help you and the dad in your life create treasured memories together.

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