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We Let Hilton Grand Vacations Stock Our Fridge, and It Was a Welcome Sight

Put your suite kitchen to use and try this on your next trip

Sue M
Wine and flat bread on a table outdoors.

My husband and I are picky eaters and perhaps even more picky shoppers who prefer high-quality food options. We haven't even gotten ourselves to use a grocery delivery service while stuck at home over the last five months because we can't imagine someone else choosing our perishable products.  

However, we were pleasantly surprised when we used the fridge stocking service on our 2018 bucket-list trip to Hilton Grand Vacation at Borge Alle Vigne, located in Selvatelle, Italy. We were hesitant at first since we had never done anything like this before in all our years of traveling, but something prompted us to go for it this time.

The resort staff sent us a shopping list of basic staples and drinks to choose from a few weeks before our arrival. We found the choices more than sufficient and the pricing for the items to be more than reasonable. 

The staff made the purchases from a local market and put everything away in our fridge and pantry before we got there. After traveling for 24 hours to get to Italy from Hawaii, the breakfast and brunch goodies were a welcome sight. We had fresh eggs, milk, juice, ham, cheese, bread, crackers, jam and some wine and beer for the evening.  

Coincidentally, we arrived the day before one of the worst storms to hit Italy in decades. 

The winds and torrential rains tossed hotel furniture around and caused some branches to fall and block some nearby roads, so it also worked out that we had these items until the storm passed. 

The full kitchen and dining room table in a 1-bedroom suite at Hilton Grand Vacations at Borgo alle Vigne in Tuscany, Italy.    

Our suite at Borge alle Vigne had a full kitchen that put even the best hotel kitchens to shame. It had all the kitchenware you need to prepare your favorite meals, including an oven, as well as a large dining table.

After our arrival, we could sleep in, wake up and prepare a simple but delicious brunch with little effort. The Italian food products were fresh and top quality—as if they came from a gourmet deli. 

It was the perfect way to jump in and try the local brands and products, including some that were quite different from similar foods we regularly purchased in the U.S. We had plenty for our five-night stay and loved the crackers and jam so much that we took the rest to enjoy as a travel snack when we headed home. 

When we got home, we even found some of our favorite items online so we could purchase them again to enjoy while we reminisced about one of our favorite Hilton Grand Vacations adventures.

The one thing we've longed for while being cooped up at home during the pandemic is a new experience—anything different can be special these days. If you've never let Hilton Grand Vacations stock your fridge on any past trips, your next trip is the perfect time to give it a try.  

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Sue M

A Hilton Grand Vacations Club Member since 2015, Sue has already proven herself as a well-traveled jetsetter. Her goal is to visit all 50 of the United States, and she’s already counted 44 off her list so far. Although she’s made her home-away-from-home at Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard in Las Vegas, her favorite place to visit is Europe – Germany, Italy and Scotland in specific. “If we weren’t a part of Hilton Grand Vacations Club, we probably never would have thought to visit Scotland!” Whenever she takes off from her hometown of Waipahu, Hawaii, Sue feeds her sense of adventure by trying new foods and exploring off the beaten path. As an HGV Explorer, she looks forward to sharing the treasures she finds along the way, no matter where she lands.

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