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Unlock The Ultimate Hawaiian Vacation With Hilton Grand Vacations' Concierge Team

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Joseph T
Palm trees along the lagoon of Hilton Hawaiian Village

If you're seeking an unforgettable vacation experience in Hawaii, look no further than Hilton Hawaiian Village®, located in the heart of Waikiki. Hilton Grand Vacations’ Honolulu properties stand out for their stunning views, luxurious accommodations and exceptional Team Members.

Aerial view of Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu 

I’ve discovered that Hilton Grand Vacations’ concierges at Hilton Hawaiian Village® are the backbone of the resort's unparalleled hospitality. This team isn't just a group of individuals who answer your queries or book your Suites. They are trained professionals who go above and beyond to ensure you have the most memorable stay possible. Their expertise lies in understanding your desires and transforming them into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

From arranging exciting excursions to recommending hidden gems, the concierges’ local knowledge and insider tips are invaluable.

One of the most commendable services these Team Members offer is their ability to guide Members and Guests through the plethora of activities available on the island — whether it’s whale watching, snorkeling day trips, food tours or manta ray night dives. But what truly sets concierges apart is their knack for securing these excursions at unbeatable prices — savings for us.

A whale breaking the surface near Hawaii 

They can secure incredible savings on a variety of activities and experiences by working closely with local vendors and tour operators. Members and Guests can enjoy more of Hawaii without breaking the bank.

Whale watching is popular among visitors, offering a chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Snorkeling trips provide an opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world, teeming with colorful fish and coral reefs. Food tours are a gastronomic delight, giving you a taste of Hawaii's culinary landscape. And if you're up for a nighttime adventure, nothing beats a manta ray night dive.

However, amid all these exciting excursions, one event stands out as a highlight — the on-site Waikiki Starlight Luau. This event is more than just a feast. It’s a spectacular show that immerses you in Polynesian history, music and dance while overlooking the ocean.

Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village 

As the sun sets, the luau begins. Locals dressed in traditional attire welcome guests with warm smiles and garlands, setting the tone for a night of revelry. The air is filled with tantalizing aromas as local vendors sell their wares, from handmade crafts to delicious local food. It's a chance to support small businesses while experiencing Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage.

The feast is a culinary journey through Hawaii's diverse food culture, featuring dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

The luau isn't just about food. It's a cultural extravaganza that showcases Polynesian history through song and dance. Performers take center stage, captivating audiences with rhythmic movements and soulful music. The performance is a beautiful blend of storytelling and entertainment, offering insights into the rich traditions of the Polynesian people.

However, the highlight of the evening is the breathtaking fireworks display over the lagoon. As the performance concludes, the sky lights up with vibrant colors, reflecting off the waters and creating a mesmerizing spectacle. With the ocean as a backdrop, it’s an awe-inspiring sight that etches itself into your memory.

In conclusion, the Hilton Grand Vacations concierge team can elevate a simple stay to an unforgettable vacation — one that combines luxury, adventure and cultural exploration. With their guidance and expertise, I’ve enjoyed the best of Hawaii.

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Joseph, a Hilton Grand Vacations Member, wearing a lei and sunglasses on vacation

Joseph T

Joseph became a Preferred Member in 2022, in addition to 15 years of Hilton Honors Diamond membership. He’s a brand advocate because “With Hilton, every trip feels like home.” Cabo Azul is one of his favorite destinations, combining pristine beaches, turquoise water and stunning sunsets into the ultimate paradise. He primarily travels with his partner, Kylie.

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