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Multigenerational Travel Is Your Next Great Family Vacation Idea

Hear from one Owner about why vacations with Mimi are some her of best

Fallon S

We purchased timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations to spend more meaningful time with our family. So it was only natural that once we started regularly vacationing with Hilton Grand Vacations, we’d bring my mom, otherwise known as Mimi, along. 

The first vacation we took with Mimi was to Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld®. We wanted her to see our home resort and where we planned to spend most of our time. Of course, on her first night with us, our youngest had a high fever that led to a trip to the children's hospital —having Mimi at "home" to look after our older son was golden while we tended to our younger son's ear infection.

Grandma posing with grandsons on the balcony at Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.    

I'm sure there's a parenting joke out there about how it isn't vacation without a child getting sick, but with a diagnosis and a quick trip to the pharmacy, our vacation was back on track. The purpose of our trip was to treat Mimi to her very first getaway, filled with adventures and restful moments by the pool.

One of the reasons we love Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld is the location — just a short drive away from Walt Disney World®. We took advantage of the proximity and planned my mom's first Magic Kingdom® experience. We spent about half the day at Disney and then returned "home" for nap time, a refresh and to refuel.

Then we headed back to Disney for fireworks. I cried that night watching my mom hold the boys and share that experience with them. The memory of her that night will always be in my heart. On that trip, we also visited the Crayola Experience for some rainy-day fun and Disney Springs for empanadas and frosé, of course.

Our second trip with Mimi was to Ocean Oak Resort by Hilton Grand Vacations on Hilton Head Island. We spent two afternoons wandering around Savannah, Georgia. However, we spent the rest of the time on the South Carolina beach. 

Grandma and grandson walking along the shoreline while on vacation at Ocean Oak Resort by Hilton Grand Vacations on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.    

My mom would wake up early to stroll the beach with my youngest, who was in love with the sand and exploring the shore. Hilton Head is the most remote vacation we've taken, and we loved the ability to walk to town for after-dinner desserts and just enjoying the property and the ease of the space. 

One benefit of both properties, Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld and Ocean Oak, is that they're a short drive from local airports. Mimi can fly in from New York City, and we drive in from

A young family floating in the pool at Ocean Oak Resort by Hilton Grand Vacations on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.    

Atlanta, which means less time wasted on travel and a convenient way for our families to come together. 

To make the trips enjoyable for everyone, we plan activities that appeal to each of us differently — sightseeing for the adults and short activities to keep the little ones engaged without overstimulation. Mimi enjoyed the quiet moments during nap time when she could explore the property on her own. 

My husband and I loved being able to sneak off for an afternoon cocktail without the littles in tow. Our Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare has genuinely grown with our needs, and we're always looking forward to our next trip.

And I haven't even mentioned the spacious condo-like suites that allow everyone to have their own space, but honestly, I expect nothing less on my Hilton Grand Vacations trips. 

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Fallon S

As a proud mom of two and Hilton Grand Vacations Club Member since 2017, Fallon is excited to have the opportunity to share what makes Hilton Grand Vacations ownership a great option for families with young children. She and her husband became Members purely to commit to spending more time as a family unit by making precious vacation memories together. Her clan frequently visits their Home Resort at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, where they like to hang out by the pool, take advantage of the free wellness classes and gather for family movie nights at the on-site theater. Ultimately, Fallon is happiest whenever she’s traveling with her little ones in tow!

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