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4 Money-Saving Travel Apps to Download Today

From in-flight entertainment to where to eat on the ground, strategize and save money on your next vacation

Marilyn M
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Mobile apps have made life so much easier, especially when traveling.

From finding the best places to eat to communicating internationally for free. Here are a few of my favorite money-saving apps to use while traveling.


One of the apps that I cannot travel without is Yelp. If there's one thing I need to know before arriving at my destination, it is the best place to eat!

I love to have quick and reliable recommendations from locals. 

What I love about the app is that you can filter restaurants to fit your budget and needs. Whether you need to know if the place is kid-friendly, accommodates large groups, or to decide on your menu selections before arriving, Yelp has helped me find some amazing spots.

2. Netflix

I wish I would have thought about downloading this app before my last trip to Hawaii. I was banking that my kids were going to fall asleep on the six-hour flight, and therefore avoid in-flight purchases. I was wrong.

If you want to save some money on your next flight, download your favorite movies or tv shows in advance and enjoy them offline anywhere. It's the perfect entertainment option for layovers/delayed flightor to keep the little (and big) ones entertained.

3. WhatsApp

When the hubby and I travel solo, having the ability to communicate with our family back home is a top priority. My parents are not tech-savvy, but WhatsApp is easy enough for them to use.

Bonus: You don't need to purchase an international calling plan to talk or text. You can do it for free with the app as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, making this one of my top money saving travel tips.  

4. Google Maps (offline)

I remember the days before apps were around. I printed my directions from home and take them with me. As much as I tried following them exactly, there was always an unexpected detour or road closure.

Google Maps can give you directions to your destination, even when you're offline. Download a map to use and click on "download an offline map." If you end up losing your internet connection, the app will use your offline map to pull up turn by turn directions.

Read 29 Best Apps to Use When Traveling (Without Pinching Pennies) for more money saving travel tips.


Marilyn M

Marilyn travels to satisfy her insatiable desire to see the world. Hailing from Perris, California and a Member at Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Las Vegas, she’s a self-proclaimed foodie who fuels her wanderlust with the diverse flavors of the world. If you’re in need of a restaurant recommendation, look no further than Marilyn! It gives her great joy to share her favorite places to eat and what to order, along with special activities the whole family can enjoy without leaving their resort. Marilyn is especially great at sniffing out the best on-site amenities, events and special services offered at Hilton Grand Vacations properties that many people might not know about. In fact, her best vacation memory is watching her children’s faces beam with delight while watching fire dancers during a luau at an HGV resort in Hawaii.

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