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From European Adventures To The Golden Coast, Discover All The Destinations One Couple Has Explored With Timeshare

One Member shares her favorite benefits of timeshare

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The benefits of timeshare are different for different Owners. For some, the flexible points system ranks as a top benefit. For others, it may be spending time with loved ones and making memories. Patricia F. and her husband have personal reasons too.

"We decided timeshare was right for us because we loved the standard of accommodations, especially after many holidays in cramped apartments with inadequate cooking facilities," began Patricia. "At that point, we had only traveled in Europe and wanted to start exploring U.S. National Parks and the West Coast."

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Simply put, they thought it would give them a platform to realize their travel goals.

It's been 20 years since then, and the couple has explored the United States and continued to travel throughout Europe using Points and Destination Xchange*. Their inaugural trip with Destination Xchange was to Hollywood, Florida, which Patricia described as a bohemian area about an hour north of Miami.

"We had booked a luxury cruise out of Fort Lauderdale the following week and wanted some time to chill before our first cruise. We loved the laid-back beach life in a welcoming place where you can relax at a slower pace," said Patricia.

The pair also visited and enjoyed the town of Denia in the Alicante province of Spain. Denia is a busy town with plenty of shops and a lovely restaurant and bar area by the castle.

"The exchange resort was only a 10-minute walk from the harbor and had a pool and a 'river' to swim in, plus a restaurant and bar on-site," recalled Patricia. "You can also easily explore the city of Valencia from the resort."

Most recently, they stayed at an exchange resort in Albufeira, Portugal. They used the resort as their home base while exploring the coast — traveling down to Sagres and all the beautiful rocky beaches along the way.

"We avoided the toll road and used the coastal roads to dip in and out of bays, using the local restaurants for sardine or catch-of-the-day lunches," she explained.

However, California's famed Golden Coast keeps these globe-trotters coming back time and again.

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"Summer is much cooler and less humid, and there are no mosquitoes. The ocean may be freezing, but we like to find the children's beaches and swim there — sea otters bobbing in the kelp will make you cry; they are so adorable," Patricia shared nostalgically.

She also has an important tip for first-time California travelers:

"Whatever you do, do not try to drive Highway 1 in August, as it is invariably shrouded in clouds, and you cannot see a thing."

When asked about her bucket list, Patricia confessed to wanting to return to a favorite destination versus discovering a new one: Oregon.

"Oregon is one of the loveliest and least-known states in America — breathtaking beauty and never busy. Exchange resorts are few and far between, but we would love to return," she said.

"It's fascinating to visit the Oregon Trail and relive the adventures of early pioneers. If you love The “Twilight” saga, you'll appreciate Oregon's rainforests and magical glades," Patricia explained. "The wood on the beaches is up to 500 years old, washed down in the winter rains from the forests, and is a beachcomber's paradise. Inland you can climb glacier-covered volcanoes. What's not to like?"

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*Contact us to learn more about who is eligible to travel using Destination Xchange

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