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How to Take More Time Off (and Get Your Boss to Agree to It)

The work-life balance is possible

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As a society, we’ve almost been trained to believe that hard work and long hours are required to prove our loyalty and dedication to our jobs, but sometimes taking a week or two off can actually be more beneficial than working into the wee hours every day.

According to Project: Time Off’s State of the American Vacation report, most Americans don’t use their vacation time because they’re concerned they’ll be replaced, appear less committed to their job, have too much work to leave behind, and don’t have anyone to fill in while they’re gone.


In fact, Americans alone gave up 705 million unused vacation days last year, and nearly 12% of them haven’t taken a vacation in more than three years! Sound familiar? If so, it’s time for a change. 

Here’s what to tell your boss and coworkers (or, if you’re self-employed, that little voice in your head that tells you to put your nose to the grindstone) to inspire a culture where time off is time well spent:

  • Travel broadens the mind. It helps you see the world from different perspectives and, in turn, bring home new (maybe even better) ways of doing the things you do at work every day.
  • Travel allows you to become better acquainted with different cultures and languages, encouraging you to strengthen your communication skills in an increasingly global business world.
  • 82% of people vacation to relax and reduce stress, so promoting a culture of time off gives companies a competitive advantage. Employees who are encouraged to use their vacation days report being happier with their employer, their job and in their relationships, allowing them to bring their best selves to work.
  • Time off may yield fewer hours worked, but as the old saying goes: quality over quantity. Allowing your employees to take more time off means they come into work refreshed and ready to hit the ground running, leading to an increase in productivity even if they spend a few more hours away from their desks.
  • Americans who use most of their vacation days to travel report dramatically higher rates of happiness than those using little to none of their time for travel. Those people also reported being much happier and less burned out in their current professional roles.
  • Vacation-takers report being more successful in their jobs and receiving promotions, raises and bonuses.

When was the last time you took a break?

If you’re ready to plan your next vacation and put yourself on the path to better work-life balance, give Hilton Grand Vacations a call at 877-773-4482 to get started.


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