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5 Unconventional NYC Pizzerias You’ll Love

Expand your horizons and try a tasty twist on the iconic New York slice

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New Yorkers know that if you're in a rush and feeling hungry, grab a $3 slice of pizza. Pizza has become a symbol as recognizable as the Big Apple itself.

But if you've tried the corner slice and dined at classic sit-down joints like Grimaldi's and Lombardi's, expand your palate beyond traditional NYC pizzas. Inventive chefs throughout the city are redefining what pizza means and creating unforgettable fusions. Check out these five unique eateries to try on your quest for the best pizza in New York City.

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Italian Flair: Hybrid Pizza

If you're unsure whether to get takeaway or dine-in, Mama's TOO!, a tiny Upper West Side shop, is a perfect compromise.

You can get a typical slice here but go for the squares instead, which offer a hefty, chewy crust that's a cross between Sicilian and Chicago deep-dish. The House Square is classic tomatoes and cheese. Try unique flavor combinations like the Angry Nonna Pie, topped with hot Soppressata, mozzarella, Calabrian chili oil and hot honey. You're sure to find a pie that satisfies your taste buds with these inventive combos.

Meat Lover's: Brisket and Pastrami Pizza

Jewish cuisine has shaped the food of New York, from the bagels on every corner to the delis serving hefty sandwiches. Enjoy Neapolitan-style pies with a familiar NYC twist at Paulie Gee's. Dine in or head next door to the slice shop for a New York deli pizza with unusual toppings and cheeky names. There’s the Brisket Five-0, with brisket from Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook, and the Pastrami Reuben, with pastrami from Greenpoint's retro deli, Frankel's.

Turkish pide, a pizza-like pastry pocket 

Spice It Up: Turkish Pizza

International pizza is far from a new concept. The Turkish dish known as lahmacun is easy to locate on the streets of the Big Apple. Forget everything you knew about pizza; this is no stringy, melty amalgamation of tomato sauce and cheese. Instead, layers of ground meat (usually lamb) and veggies top a crispy flatbread.

Another version of Turkish pizza, the pide, is more like a calzone, with ingredients stuffed inside a pocket of bread and then grilled. Two great places to get the Turkish take on pizza are Anka Grill for pide with Turkish sausage and Ali Baba, which offers a tasty mushroom option for vegetarians.

Asian Fusion: Vietnamese Pizza

With its bright, high-ceilinged interior, Di An Di is an Instagrammer's dream and one of New York City’s best restaurants for creative Vietnamese grub. While many come for its pho soups, the restaurant also has a special, shareable dish: a flatbread called bánh tráng nướng, loosely translated as "Vietnamese pizza."

The delicacy is nothing new in South Vietnam, where street vendors make elaborate patterns on large rice crackers with their ingredients. However, Di An Di elevates the dish for the New York palate. One version has ground pork and shrimp floss, and another is a vegan version with mung bean and eggplant.

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