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7 Steps to Stress-Free Travel

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People vacation for the rest and relaxation, but sometimes, travel can introduce its own set of stressors.

Get everything packed. Fight traffic to catch your flight. Shuffle through long airport security lines. Manage flight delays. The list goes on.

Stressful situations like these are all too common for vacationers. In fact, a recent study showed the average U.S traveler will experience 240 stressful travel moments in their lifetime.

While it's tough to keep the craziness of everyday life from tagging along while you travel, there are ways to manage travel stress so it doesn't ruin your much-needed time away. Here are seven stress management tips to help you kick back and relax during your next vacation:

1. Use lists to your advantage.

Before you leave, divide the tasks you need to get done into separate to-do lists. This traveling stress reliever might include projects at work, household tasks like stopping the mail or making dinner reservations for your trip. Putting everything down on paper can help you stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Know what to pack.

Family packing

And speaking of list, packing checklists will help ensure nothing gets left at home. There are plenty of examples online to get you started.

3. Take care of yourself.

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than illness. Maintain healthy habits so you don't have to take a sick day at the resort. That means getting plenty of rest, especially the night before you leave. Stay hydrated and eat regular meals. Use antibacterial wipes on public, shared surfaces like plane trays to keep germs away.

4. Research your airline.

Air travel is notoriously stressful. But knowing what to expect from your airline can save time and energy from check-in to touchdown. Find out what amenities your flight offers ahead of time so your ride is comfortable. Learn the airline’s bagging policy so you can check bags appropriately. And make sure you know how seats are assigned so there are no surprises when you arrive.

5. Allow extra time before a flight.

Experts generally agree that you should arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. It’s possible to cut it closer, but this window will help you avoid rushing through security as you race to your gate. After all, a little extra wait time in the airport is always better than the stress of potentially missing your flight.

6. Relax during downtime.

When you're away from work, the urge to check email and respond to voicemails can be a real temptation. Be intentional about your relaxation. Leave your phone in a bag or backpack. If you have to check email, commit to only doing it at certain times of the day. Find your own traveling stress reliever, whether it's listening to music or reading a good book.

7. Choose activities wisely.

When you're on vacation, it's tempting to fill your schedule with activities like snorkeling, zip lining or hiking. But a full itinerary can cause more anxiety than excitement. Plan some downtime, whether it's hanging out at the beach or enjoying an afternoon nap.

Plan for stress-free travel

Vacation is your time to unplug. With the right planning and destination, you can experience stress-free travel. When you book a trip with Hilton Grand Vacations, you know exactly what to expect when you arrive – a destination that suits the experiences you crave.

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