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Do You Start Planning Your Next Trip While On Vacation? One Member Shares Why He's Excited For Future Trips Hilton Grand Vacations

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Ben D
Beach at Sint Maarten

Travel is one of the ways I practice self-care, so it’s odd for me to go more than two months without taking a trip somewhere. However, it’s been a quiet summer in terms of travel, so I’ve been getting antsy.

In my work as a therapist and my practice as a yogi, I talking a lot about being present. Living in the moment is a critical component of well-being. Despite knowing the benefits of remaining present, I struggle when it comes to travel.

Pool and exterior of Las Palmeras, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando 

I reflected on my membership journey and becoming a Hilton Grand Vacations Member. I realized that — as much as I enjoy traveling to new places to discover new tastes, sounds and smells or returning to a treasured destination like Walt Disney World® in Orlando — I often think about my next vacation when I’m in the middle of one.

For example, in June, my fiancé and I recently spent a few days at Las Palmeras, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando. During that trip, we were already preparing for our week in Las Vegas, splitting our time between a return trip to the sophisticated splendor of Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club and a new experience at Flamingo, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

I was beyond excited for Vegas. But I noticed I was already thinking about the next vacation and how to spend my remaining HGV ClubPoints, even while in Orlando.

Ben, a Hilton Grand Vacations Member, and his fiance on vacation in Las Vegas 

So, as an act of self-care, I’m extending myself some grace and allowing two seemingly discordant experiences to be true: I’m giving myself permission to be present on vacation and let my mind contemplate all the wonderful experiences to come. 

What I continue to enjoy most about my experience as a Hilton Grand Vacations Member is the opportunity to use my HGV ClubPoints to explore destinations within the Hilton portfolio.

"Even though my home resort is Hilton Waikoloa Village® on the Big Island of Hawaii, I love the flexibility Hilton Grand Vacations’ points system affords me to use at many exciting locations."

— Ben D., Hilton Grand Vacations Member since 2021

My birthday is coming up in December. I’ll likely use some of my points for a winter wonderland experience at one of the New York City properties, like the chic Suites at The Residences, a Hilton Club.

Winter in Central Park in New York City 

I’m also drawn to South Carolina — Ocean 22, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Myrtle Beach and Ocean Oak Resort, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club on Hilton Head Island — so my fiancé and I may take a trip there soon.

We also have started planning our multi-week, multi-destination Hilton Grand Vacations honeymoon odyssey, spending time at several destinations worldwide, starting with our home week on the Big Island in 2025.

We have all sorts of Hilton Grand Vacations stays scheduled for 2024, and I’m already thinking about 2025 travel. If you’re experiencing the same thing, extend yourself some grace and embrace the joy of vacations, both current and planned.

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Hilton Grand Vacations Owner Ben D. takes a vacation selfie

Ben D

Ben is a therapist and avid traveler who knows the importance of leisure and wellness. He and his partner enjoy exploring places off the beaten path in popular destinations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, California and Orlando. Ben has been a loyal Hilton Honors member for over a decade and became a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner in 2021. He is excited to share his adventures and remind Owners that vacations are a vital part of self-care.

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