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Freedom And Flexibility: One Owner Talks About The Benefits Of Timeshare Travel

See how Andrew G. uses timeshare to bring family and friends together

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Riverside view at Lake Tahoe, California, near Hilton Vacation Club Lake Tahoe Resort

*Editor's note: This story's photos are by Andrew G., Member since 2010.

Vacation starts with a dream. An idea of where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to share adventures with. The possibilities become as limitless as your imagination. Here’s how Andrew G. turns those vacation dreams into real trips as a timeshare owner.

A selfie from an Owner, shot above the clouds on the Maui Halaekala volcano, during a vacation at Ocean Tower, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club 

Consider The Vacation Possibilities

Andrew’s membership journey began in 2010 with a family vacation to Los Abrigados Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona. “We liked to vacation often,” he said. “And we wanted access to a variety of locations at an affordable price.”

"Vacations should be fun and affordable."

— Andrew G., Member since 2010

Andrew spent time thinking about the way he and his family vacationed. “The first thing to consider is how much time you spend vacationing and at what price,” he explained. “The second is the locations you want — think about the places you’d like to visit or the specific areas you love,” he continued. “The third consideration is the investment. It’s very similar to a mortgage on a second home. And finally, there are the annual maintenance fees. I think of it as doing maintenance on my home — painting, rugs, plumbing, repairs.”

Ultimately, one of the best things about Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare is the flexibility. You can choose when, where and how often you vacation — and make decisions that fit you and your family’s interests and preferences.

Picture The Memories

Every trip is a chance to experience something new, and Andrew loves to capture his favorite moments on camera.

"I like to take pictures of the places I visit and add them to a portfolio of memories."

— Andrew G.

“Some stand-out memories for me are from the mountains of Canada,” Andrew recalls. “We visited an eagle preserve and enjoyed majestic views of lakes and oceans from mountaintops,” he continued. “I’ll always remember visiting the beaches, watching the sunsets and seeing the breathtaking waterfalls. I capture and share these memories through my photography.”

Outside of the Hilton property in Honolulu, Hawaii, looking at Diamond Head Volcano 

Being Together Is A Gift

For Andrew, Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare goes beyond taking unforgettable vacations. He also uses it to bring the people he cares about together.

“I had one friend whose mother was dying and had no place to stay while she was in decline,” Andrew recalls. “Her family was able to visit Florida and spend precious time together.”

“Another time, I reconnected with a college friend who let me know he was planning to take his whole family to Hawaii,” he continued. “I was able to set them up on two islands for two weeks.”

"I’ve been so fortunate to share my vacation ownership with friends."

— Andrew G.

Andrew also appreciates the fact that vacation ownership allows you to spread out to get closer.

“I live in a two-bedroom home in Palm Desert, California, and in one instance, I found that I had more visitors than space in the house,” he explained. “So I leveraged my membership to accommodate my guests in Palm Springs — the next town over — and they thoroughly enjoyed the trip.” 

The pool at Cabo Azul, a Hilton Vacation Club, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at night 

Travel Is An Adventure

“I’ve used HGV ClubPoints for many of my ski trips,” Andrew said. “Some of the destinations include Colorado, Northern California, Utah, Whistler, western Canada and Hawaii.”

“This year, I’m heading back to Cabo with friends. But I also want to extend my ski season with all the fresh powder. It’s such a hard choice — ski or beach?”

What’s next on Andrew’s travel bucket list?

"I want to head overseas to visit Spain and Portugal,” he says. “I’ve heard both countries are absolutely gorgeous, the seafood on the coast is awesome, and the wine selections and sangria are wonderful.”

“I get to see the world through so many lenses and appreciate the various cultures and perspectives through my membership."

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