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So You’ve Heard of Malama Hawaii? Here It Is in Action (And Why It Matters)

Discover how Hilton Grand Vacations’ Hawaii resorts promote sustainable travel

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Aerial shot of the turqoise waves crashing agaisnt lava rock, Maui, Hawaii.

Sustainable tourism, defined by the UN World Tourism Organization as tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, has gone from buzz word to a full-fledged movement in recent years

According to Virtuoso, 82% of people surveyed said the pandemic has made them want to travel more responsibly in the future. Moreover, 72% of respondents agree that travel should support local communities and economies while preserving destinations’ cultural heritage and protecting the planet. Enter “Malama Hawaii,” a poplular sustainable travel initiative that Hilton Grand Vacations supports, aligning with the sustainability movement.

Couple embracing while enjoying the view of a waterfall in Maui, Hawaii.    

The Aloha State welcomed the first Hilton Grand Vacations resort in 2001, and since then, the vacation ownership brand has been committed to being a good steward in the Hawaiian islands.

Currently, Hilton Grand Vacations’ malama initiatives include ways for Team Members to give back, fun and engaging malama experiences for Owners, recycling initiatives as part of its corporate social responsibility programs and more.

“We are eager to integrate the malama mindset, where each of us cares, protects and maintains all that the islands have to offer,” said Derek Kanoa, senior vice president of HGV sales. “As we continue to welcome more Owners and Guests back to the islands, we are proud to offer these unique opportunities that allow them to connect with the land, local organizations and the culture of Hawaii.”

Owners and Guests at Hilton Grand Vacations’ Hawaii resorts can purchase and participate in experiences that embody the malama spirit — from tree planting that helps maintain healthy vegetation to monarch tours. A portion of the proceeds from these historical site tours to Hawaiian Mission HousesKing Kamehameha StatueIolani Palace and Bishop Museum helps maintain the islands’ cultural heritage. 

Couple cuddling while appreciating the natural beauty in the mountains in Hawaii.   

“These initiatives will profoundly impact the Hawaiian Islands and further Hilton Grand Vacations’ commitment to give back to the community,” said Linda Rodrigues, senior vice president of marketing, Hawaii.

"We are proud to share this spirit of Aloha with all of our Owners, guests and Team Members, as all of us can experience malama for one day and have it impact what we do for a lifetime."

— Linda Rodrigues, senior vice president of marketing, Hawaii

The monthly Kewalo Sunset Dinner series offers another way Owners can embrace the essence of aloha and give back. Hosted at Hookupu Center in Kewalo Basin in partnership with Kupu, a nonprofit on a mission to preserve the land while empowering youth, these fun events educate Owners, and the ticket proceeds help provide paid job training opportunities for Hawaii’s youth.

The evening event includes drinks, an authentic Hawaiian meal and an unforgettable view of Diamond Head and Waikiki against a stunning backdrop of sunset-painted skies.

Ukulele playing at Hilton Grand Vacations' Kewalo Sunset Dinner series with Kupu, Hawaii.    

“We can’t wait to attend more Hilton Grand Vacations events that are as personal and genuine as tonight’s dinner,” said an Owner from Sacramento, California. “We really enjoyed learning about Kupu and are so happy that part of our vacation gave back to an organization that is so invested in the community.”

Additionally, the Hilton Grand Vacations ohana (family) is committed to leading by example. “During the hiring process, I hand-picked Team Members with the personality to practice malama and to take care of each other and the island of Maui,” said Shermila Beauvais, director of Guest Services at Maui Bay Villas by Hilton Grand Vacations. 

Team Members have participated in a reforestation and tree planting event and environmentally focused efforts, such as beach cleanups, as part of HGV Serves. 

Beyond supporting the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Malama Hawaii campaign, Hilton Grand Vacations pledges to promote sustainable tourism through its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Recycling initiatives across its portfolio include eliminating single-use plastics in restaurants and investing in water- and energy-efficient toilets, showers and appliances throughout the properties and more. 

Stunning aerial shot of super pool at Maui Bay Villas by Hilton Grand Vacations, Maui, Hawaii.    

Then there’s the mindful approach to resort design and planning. And Maui Bay Villas, Hilton Grand Vacations’ newest Hawaii resort, personifies corporate social responsibility and its malama mindset. 

“We have worked with the community to better the areas around [the resort] to make them more friendly for biking and walking. We’re really committed to supporting the community,” explained Will Bethel, general manager of Maui Bay Villas. 

The vacation ownership brand made significant changes to South Kihei Road to enhance safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, including freshly paved sidewalks, crosswalks with flashing pedestrian lights, drainage improvements and creating new bike lanes.

Finally, the resort’s development and design were thoughtfully planned to take sustainability into account. You’ll notice native Hawaiian plants and fruit trees spread across the sprawling 27 acres, including more than 80 coconut trees that were saved and replanted upon construction. It’s Hilton Grand Vacations’ goal that visitors and residents continue to have unforgettable experiences as they explore the world around them for years to come. 

Read “Malama Hawaii: Give Your Next Vacation to the Aloha State New Meaning” to start planning your malama vacation today. 



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