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Craft Work: Vacation Memory Crafts for Kids

Enjoy time with your kids remembering the places you've been together

The Vacationeer

Just like life, vacations can be unpredictable. Rarely a trip goes exactly as planned. Challenges like quarrels or getting lost are peppered in along with laughter, scenery and delicious food.

So, what makes the difference between remembering the good vs. the bad?

According to The American Psychological Association, our memories are shaped over time, depending on how we choose to recall them. Simply put, to remember a trip as a positive experience, focus on the positive memories.

Grab your kids and favorite trip memorabilia because we've got two kids' crafts to inspire you and make the most of your vacation memories.

Snow Globes

Get creative with this snow globe craft. Shells, rocks, and trinkets saved from past adventures are just a few ideas for your snow globe.

Vacation-Memory Coasters

With this coaster craft, special moments from your favorite trips will be on display in your home, starting the conversation and inciting nostalgia.

Once you've completed your crafts, retell some of your favorite funny stories from these vacations.

The more you talk about amazing vacation memories, the longer your vacation satisfaction lives on.


The Vacationeer

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