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8 Ways to Make the Most of a Short Vacation

As with most things, short vacations are about quality versus quantity

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It's easy to understand the appeal of getting away and disconnecting for a week or more. However, according to experts, shorter, more frequent vacations may be just as good for your health, if not better.

Whatever your reasons for planning a short vacation, whether you're low on paid time off, trying to save money or simply take advantage of every chance to get away.

Here are eight ideas to make the most of your short vacation.

1. Make an itinerary.

Maximize your time away by deciding what you want to do beforehand, prioritizing time for your must-do activities. If your goal is to recharge, be sure to leave a little free time in your days so you won't need a vacation from your mini-vacation. 

2. Be realistic.

Set achievable goals for your short vacation. Plan for what you know you can accomplish instead of trying to pack everything into a single trip.

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3. Carry your bags.

Whether you plan to fly or hit the road with the family, fewer bags will make traveling (and packing) simpler. Lost luggage at the airport can take days to arrive. Pack what you need and avoid delays by carrying your bags with you. Many of the accommodations at Hilton Grand Vacations include washers and dryers, making it easier to pack light.

4. Build in a cushion.

Book a buffer day to reduce travel stress. Even if you're not at the resort, an extra day to sleep in or unpack your bags can prevent you from having to dive into work right away. A day to prep can make travel smoother as well.

5. Be flexible.

Vacations, short or long, can often include the unexpected, but don't let one detour derail your relaxation. It's hard to plan vacations to the minute. Be ready for the unexpected and allow for a change of plans, making going with the flow more manageable. 

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6. Stay near the action.

Make the most of your days, and cut down on travel time by staying close to planned activities or location attractions. Better yet, choose a resort in the heart of the action, like any one of our Hilton Grand Vacations' resorts.

7. Consider unplugging to recharge.

One of the draws of a short vacation is the opportunity to get away with the confidence that office will be OK for a few days. Unplug your phone to get your mind away from the everyday. Focus on relaxing with family and friends, and will make the most of a short vacation.

8. Travel during holidays.

If you take a mini-vacation during the holidays, there's a better chance you won't fall behind at work. If you have weekends or holidays off, use a vacation day before or after to extend your long weekend.

Find the Ideal Destination for Your Next Short Vacation 

Time off is essential to taking care of yourself and your family, and vacation ownership through Hilton Grand Vacations offers a growing list of resorts and destinations to suit every style. Whether you're looking for an urban adventure, a ski weekend or to dig your toes in the sand, realize your short vacation ideas with Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare. 

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