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I Attended The Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament Of Champions Twice, Here’s My Review

Discover why one Owner says the event was her “best experience with HGV”

Gina P
Hilton Grand Vacations Owners posing together, stunning backdrop, Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Orlando.

The thought that comes to mind when I think of the 2023 Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions is “wow — just wow.” I attended the HGV Tournament of Champions in 2022 and thought I knew what to expect: great golf, new friends and celebrity meet-ups. 

Beautiful view from American Express hospitality tent, Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Orlando.   

I left the 2022 Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, thinking it was the best travel experience. However, I left the 2023 tournament knowing it was our best experience with HGV.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club is the perfect event venue. The course is pristine, and the water views over the fairways are stunning. If you’re an early bird on the course for the first tee times, you’re fortunate to see golfers hit deep into a beautiful morning mist over the grass.

If you were lucky enough to be there at the end of the day, you were blessed to see deep orange sunsets glow over the fairway. There’s no wrong time to be on the course. 

As a new golfer, I always look for ways to improve my game. Watching professionals set up for their drives and walk around the hole to assess their putts is a unique learning experience allowing you to walk away from the tournament with a few pro tips to apply to your game. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner snapping selfie with Wells Adams, HGV Tournament of Champions, Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Orlando.   

Admittedly, I took videos of a few of their drives and approach shots to compare them to my swing. I look forward to seeing how I do during my next round.

The 2023 competition did not disappoint. Players experienced the highs and lows that are a staple in this sport. On the sidelines, we celebrated their successes with them. Agonized over their hooks and missed putts. Supported them with cheers and words of encouragement as they passed.

You may wonder if attending the tournament brings the opportunity to meet the players. I’m excited to say yes! 

The players are friendly and down to earth, engaging with the spectators, whether celebrities or LPGA athletes. After each hole, as players walk to the next tee, they stop for pictures, answer questions and sometimes even a few laughs. 

Players such as Larry The Cable Guy entertained us with his jokes while he was waiting to tee off. Wells Adams popped over to see if we wanted a selfie. The list goes on!

As a bonus, we again saw Mark Wang, CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations, this year. We went up to say hi and introduce ourselves. Mark not only remembered us from last year but also remembered some details about our previous discussion. After chatting for a few minutes, Mark was getting ready to tee off at the first hole and took a pause. 

He walked over to where we were standing, addressed us by name, and introduced us to his family. I’ve never met a CEO of such a large organization that was so friendly, down to earth, and engaging with players and spectators. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner posing with Mark Wang, president and CEO, Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Orlando.   

His passion for what he does and his interest in understanding the customer experience speak to Hilton Grand Vacations’ success as it creates new events for its owners. They listen. They care. They act on your feedback and comments.

There were hospitality tents around the course, and my absolute favorite was the hospitality tent at the 18th hole. From that vantage point, you can watch the players wrap up their daily rounds while enjoying a scrumptious buffet of salads, steaks, desserts and ice cream. 

There were DJs to bring up the energy as the days wrapped up and couches so you could sip a cold drink while watching final putts.

The HGV Tournament of Champions is so much more than just golf. It’s truly an experience. This year, we attended a Maren Morris concert* as part of our tournament experience. We went in expecting a big show with wall-to-wall people and great music. 

We were way off base. 

Hilton Grand Vacations Owner posing with Jack Wagner, Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Lake Nona Wave Hotel, Orlando.    

The concert was more private and intimate, with hospitality tents stocked with food and beverages and couches so that attendees could sit comfortably during the event and enjoy the music.

Maren Morris was incredible! 

Given that this was a private event, we could get close to the stage and not feel crowded. We shimmied to the stage to dance and get the full experience. We met like-minded people who sang and swayed right alongside us. Hilton Grand Vacations honestly thought of every comfort we could want or need.

At the ping pong tables, we had an opportunity to meet up with Jack Wagner, who spent some time with us and shared his thoughts on the game of golf and the associated highs and lows that players often experience.

We had an opportunity to connect with Dylan Dyer, who was a truly engaging personality. My significant other is a huge baseball fan. He was excited to have the chance to meet former Red Sox pitcher John Lester and former MLB catcher A.J. Pierzynski. Both players happily took the time to connect with us and take some pictures.

If you like golf, enjoy meeting new people and experiences like concerts and meeting celebrities, I encourage you to attend the 2024 Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. You won’t regret it. We will certainly be there. If you see us on the course, stop over and say hi.

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*To attend HGV Ultimate Access events (valued between $500-$1500), Guests must attend a Membership Portfolio Review or Timeshare Presentation after the event, during their same stay. If you do not attend the Membership Review or Timeshare Presentation, the retail value of the event may be charged to your credit card. HGV Ultimate Access events are subject to availability, nontransferable and subject to change without notice. Experience fee applies, minimum of $99 per event, to be paid at time of booking. Offer dates may change due to event availability. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.


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Gina P

Gina has been an Owner since 2010, and while her home resort is SeaWorld® Orlando, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, she enjoys exploring new destinations with her family. Gina loves being adventurous, trying new foods, golfing in new locales and catching local musicians. Her favorite memory with HGV was the 2022 Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. Stay tuned as she tours new destinations and shares her experience with vacation ownership. 

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