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How I Explored Oahu’s Best Attractions With HGV Ultimate Access

Take an unforgettable tour of Hawaii with one of the perks of vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations

Sheryl B
A Hilton Grand Vacations Owner on a tour of Oahu, Hawaii, with HGV Ultimate Access

During my vacation in Oahu, a group of Members met in the lower lobby of the Grand Islander, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club. My daughter-in-law and I got in a van and embarked on a South Shore Secret Island Adventure, a tour of Oahu — one of the Members-only events offered as part of HGV Ultimate Access*.

A Hilton Grand Vacations Owner and her daughter-in-law on the beach in Oahu during a tour hosted by HGV Ultimate Access 

Our driver, Cecil, introduced himself and asked each passenger where they were from. The 10-passenger van included Members from Atlanta to California.

As we drove along the highway, Cecil gave us a history lesson on the island and helpful information about the area’s sights. He mentioned reservations are required to hike up to the historic Diamond Head State Monument, a dormant volcano crater known for its island views.

We continued down the road, and Cecil pointed out the residences of Oprah Winfrey, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Jackie Chan. He also mentioned Dwayne Johnson was from Hawaii.

We made two stops. The first stop was Halona Blowhole. We had time to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. As I looked over the railing, I saw people enjoying the beautiful Halona Beach Cove. The site may look familiar if you’ve watched “From Here to Eternity” or “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”

A malasada, a Portugese donut and popular treat in Hawaii 

We were also handed malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery. What’s a malasada? It’s a Portuguese donut without a hole. Of course, I stopped at a souvenir shop since I try to support local vendors while on vacation.

During the ride, I enjoyed talking with new Members and their friends. It’s great to meet others enjoying their vacation ownership journey like me. The new Members from Atlanta used Hilton Grand Vacations Bonus Points for their stay in Oahu. They mentioned they probably wouldn’t have been able to take this trip if they weren’t Members and looked forward to utilizing Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints.

I also talked to Nellie, whose friends were Members. She asked if I enjoyed vacation ownership. She was surprised when I shared this was my third trip to Waikiki. We also bonded over our love of New York. I told her I used Points to stay at The Quin, a Hilton Club when I attended the 2021 NBA Draft in Brooklyn.

A glass-bottom boat about to embark on a tour of Oahu's waters 

When we arrived at Kualoa Ranch, we took a boat to a secluded oasis off the coast. I signed up for the glass-bottom boat tour and then enjoyed lunch. Although you won’t spot sea life through the glass bottom, you’ll see plenty of action if you look over the side of the boat.

The cold lunch included salad, pineapple slices and a roll. The hot lunch included pork, rice and sweet purple potato. We enjoyed a variety of beverages like Big Wave from Kona Brewing Company.

Other activities included kayaking, paddle boarding and lounging on the beach. We had three hours to enjoy the peaceful island.

After we left the island, we headed to our last stop, Nu'uanu Pali. Brace yourself for the wind, but enjoy the beautiful panoramic view. Take lots of pictures.

The lush sign and statues of Hilton Hawaiian Village 

We then returned to Hilton Hawaiian Village. Even though the entire trip was eight hours, breaking up the ride with stops along the way was great. Cecil was engaging and made our adventure delightful.

The cost was $99 per couple. This deal included round-trip transportation, lunch, adult beverages, boat rides and snacks. I looked into similar tours, which cost at least $156 per person. Prices for Kualoa Ranch start at $55 per person without lunch. And even if you use rideshare to get around, the cost is about $50 each way.

I’m glad I took advantage of this HGV Ultimate Access event in Hawaii and look forward to participating in more.

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*To attend HGV Ultimate Access events (valued between $500–$1500), Guests must attend a membership portfolio review or timeshare presentation after the event, during their same stay. If you do not attend the membership review or timeshare presentation, the retail value of the event may be charged to your credit card. HGV Ultimate Access events are subject to availability, nontransferable and subject to change without notice. Experience fee applies, minimum of $99 per event, to be paid at time of booking. Offer dates may change due to event availability. Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

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Sheryl B, a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner, poses for a selfie

Sheryl B

Sheryl has been an Owner for nine years and has shared several memorable vacations with her friends and family. Her favorite destination is Sunrise Lodge, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, in Park City, Utah, where she celebrated her 60th birthday. You can find Sheryl vacationing year-round, relaxing by the pool, throwing snowballs with her family or sipping mimosas while playing board games.

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