Timeshare Myths

It's time to get real about timeshares

Deciding whether to buy a timeshare is a big deal. Arm yourself with facts.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how timeshares work, but we’re here to set the record straight. Here are a few myths you might come across while looking into vacation ownership, and our honest response to each.

  • Reality: We believe in transparency. When you first purchase your Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare, we'll make you aware of any fees associated with becoming an Owner. These include processing and maintenance fees designed to uphold the integrity of our world-class collection of properties. We only charge for what’s necessary to ensure the high standards you expect and deserve as a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner.
  • Reality: Purchasing timeshare is a big decision, and we want you to be comfortable and confident in the choices you make in the process. That’s why we don’t subject you to aggressive sales tactics or pressure you into buying anything you don’t want. In fact, every salesperson on our team is expected to create a positive sales experience and follow strict ethical standards guided by our core values, including Hospitality and Integrity. If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable during your timeshare presentation, we want to know. Simply contact us, and we’ll make it right.

    We tailor your timeshare sales presentation to meet your specific interests by asking questions about how you like to travel, where you like to go and who you usually travel with. Our time together is simply spent getting to know each other so that we can help you discover vacation ownership options you’ll love.
  • Reality: That might be the case with traditional timeshare, but not with our model of vacation ownership. Most people think owning a timeshare means buying a specific condo unit in one destination for an allotted amount of time during a certain time of year.

    Hilton Grand Vacations ownership gives you first dibs at the property in which you own (your "Home Resort") for the time of year that you prefer, but it also gives you the flexibility to visit any other Hilton Grand Vacations property, plus thousands of resorts within the Hilton portfolio of brands, along with RCI® Exchange properties all over the world.

    Your ClubPoints can be used toward a range of vacation experiences, whether you’re looking to return to your favorite destination or see a new corner of the world with every packed suitcase.

    The opportunities for exploration are endless with Hilton Grand Vacations.
  • Reality: No, that’s not the case for our Owners. They get their pick of 200 Hilton Grand Vacations properties around the world plus the ability to book stays at more than 7,600 resorts and hotels within the Hilton portfolio of brands and more than 4,200 RCI® Exchange properties. They can also put their ClubPoints toward unique vacation experiences such as safaris, cruises, boat tours and excursions.

    Yes, our most popular properties fill up, but like most vacations, the further ahead you plan, the more options you’re likely to have. Our Club Counselors make it easy to put together an itinerary for the perfect vacation every time.

    The hardest part is deciding where you’ll go next.

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