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What Do Timeshares Cost

The true value of vacation is laughter shared and memories made.


How much does a timeshare cost?
Good question.

In fact, it's one of the most common questions people have when they start exploring vacation ownership.

The short answer is, it depends.

That’s because you determine what you need based on how you travel.

How many days a year do you like to travel? Who do you travel with? How much space do you need? Are you a solo traveler looking for adventure? Part of a dynamic duo looking for a romantic getaway? Do you need activities and engagements that are kid-friendly? Or are you an empty-nester looking for ways to see the world the way you've always wanted to?

Whoever you are, and whatever your travel plans are, we have a points structure to meet your needs, and you will work with a Sales Executive to customize your plan.

The Value of Time Shared

As an Owner, vacations become a permanent part of your life. Secure your getaways with Hilton Grand Vacations and turn your trips into meaningful moments with flexibility and affordability you can count on.

Our point-based reservation system uses ClubPoints. The number of points you receive is ultimately up to you. These points can be customized to fit your needs and are allocated on an annual basis for you to use as you need and how you want. Unused points can be banked to use the next year or borrowed from next year to take a bucket list vacation today. (Like right now.)

The average purchase price for a new buyer is around $22,000. If you elect financing, additional costs apply. Otherwise, you just pay your annual maintenance fees to your homeowner’s association and transaction costs to the exchange program if you want to exchange your timeshare for something else.

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