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Hilton Grand Vacations Owners have the flexibility to choose their own vacation experience. It’s empowering. Understanding the tiers of HGV Max and Hilton Grand Vacations Club, our two points-based membership programs, is a vital step in taking your vacations to new heights.

What are the HGV Max Membership Tiers?

HGV Max is the newest membership program with Hilton Grand Vacations, providing Members with access to unique benefits, special events and more unforgettable experiences. 

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There are six tiers under HGV Max:         

  1. Member
  2. Preferred
  3. Preferred+
  4. Premier 
  5. Premier+ 
  6. Centum+

Each level of membership offers more enhanced benefits than the last.

Check out the perks below to imagine how HGV Max Membership could change the way you vacation.

  • Access to an expanded portfolio of in-network properties
  • Exclusive booking windows offering priority access to accommodations
  • Save 10% with the HGV Max Rate with Hilton
  • Hilton Honors™ status and membership. Member and Preferred tiers receive Silver status, Preferred+ and Premier receive Gold, and Premier+ and Centum+ tiers afford you Diamond status.
  • Convert Points to Hilton Honors Points — complimentary for our Premier+ and Centum+ Members
  • Ability to exchange your Points with a vacation exchange partner for travel in their network
  • Use Points to book travel experiences like cruises and guided tours
  • Complimentary reservation transactions when staying at in‑network resorts (part of the HGV Max bundled annual dues)
  • Save current year’s Points into the following year for use. Once you reach Premier+ and Centum+ tiers this perk will be complimentary
  • Borrow next year’s Points to use for the current year
  • Special pricing on additional vacation ownership purchases, with benefits that increase at higher tiers
  • Complimentary Guest certificates each year, ranging from one annually for the Member tier to six annually for Centum+ Members (part of the HGV Max bundled annual dues)

What are the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Membership Tiers?

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Your Club membership starts with the Standard Member tier, followed by Elite, Elite Plus and Elite Premiere.  Like HGV Max Membership, each membership level provides more perks than the previous.

Let’s break down each Hilton Grand Vacations membership tier and the benefits that come along with it. 

Standard Member

A Standard Member of Hilton Grand Vacations includes any Owner with up to 22,400 points. As a Member, you get your feet wet and learn how to use the program. This first tier also gives you Silver status in the Hilton Honors rewards program – putting the entire Hilton portfolio at your disposal from the start.

Take the time to learn about your favorite Hilton Grand Vacations resorts, properties and experiences, so you’ll know exactly what type of vacation you prefer and how to make the benefits of timeshare work for you. 


Once you pass 22,400 qualifying ClubPoints, you join the ranks of the Hilton Grand Vacations “Elite.” In addition to the Standard Member perks, Elite Preferred status gives you:

A family relaxes by the pool at the Hawaiian Waikoloa Village resort as a child jumps in, palm trees in the background   
  • Gold Hilton Honors membership
  • Dedicated check-in areas and an Elite room key
  • A dedicated team of Elite specialists
  • Waived reservation fees for 7-night stays at Hilton Grand Vacations Club properties
  • A 10% Open Season discount
  • Access to Villas of Distinction – a selection of thousands of luxurious villas around the world 

Elite Plus

As you continue to embrace the vacation ownership lifestyle, we find more ways to make your trips fresh and exciting. Elite Plus status starts when you reach 38,400 ClubPoints. In addition to the Elite perks, Elite Plus Members receive: 

  • A welcome gift at select properties
  • Discounted upgrade fees
  • A 15% Open Season discount
  • ClubPoint to Hilton Honors Point conversion at a 1-to-16 ratio

Elite Premier

The final tier of Club membership is for travelers with more than 54,400 ClubPoints. These Owners have embraced the vacation ownership lifestyle to the fullest to reach Elite Premier status. 

View of sunset from balcony of Ocean Enclave, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina   

As a result, Elite Premier Members enjoy:     

  • Diamond Elite Hilton Honors membership
  • The opportunity to request specific units (when available)
  • A 30% Open Season discount
  • Luxury vacation exchange opportunities via The Registry Collection
  • $250 Lyft Pass for transportation between local and eligible Hilton Grand Vacations properties

Explore more benefits for Elite Members

At Hilton Grand Vacations, we work to make every vacation one to remember. With our growing number of partnerships, we open the door to more memories and savings for your next vacation.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Before long, you’ll have the ins and outs of vacation ownership down to a science. Hilton Grand Vacations has the team and resources to help you enjoy all the upgrades from Hilton Grand Vacations.

Read “Upgrading Is Worth It: My Favorite Perks of Upgrading to Hilton Grand Vacations’ Top Membership Tier” for what one Elite Premier Owner loves about our exclusive travel perks.



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