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Everything You Need To Know About Hilton Grand Vacations Bonus Points

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As a Hilton Grand Vacations Member, you have the power to travel like never before. You can look forward to new adventures and make unforgettable memories with the ones you love. It’s all possible with our points-based system. Keep reading to learn how Bonus Points can help you go further than you imagine.

What Are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are a Club currency that Hilton Grand Vacations Members can use to upgrade their vacation experiences.

New Members are awarded Bonus Points with their initial vacation ownership purchase. While current Members can earn Bonus Points by referring new Members or by taking advantage of special offers through our Club-affiliated programs.

It’s important to note that Bonus Points differ from your annual HGV ClubPoints balance, and they’re designed to reward your loyalty.

How Can You Use Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are valid for a maximum of two years. In that time, you can use them to book a reservation or customize your travel experiences. This is just another way Hilton Grand Vacations gives you the freedom and flexibility to maximize your membership.

Here’s how you can use your Bonus Points:

  • Convert to Hilton Honors points. Just like ClubPoints, you can convert Bonus Points into Hilton Honors points. Discover all that’s available through Hilton’s award-winning guest loyalty program. Book a stay at any location in the Hilton portfolio or spend your points on travel packages, gift items, airline miles or car rentals.
  • Pay maintenance fees. While you’re waiting for the next stay at your Home Resort, we’re busy making sure it’s always upgraded and well-maintained. By using Bonus Points to pay your annual maintenance fees, you’ll have extra money to invest in your next vacation.
  • Enjoy unique travel experiences. Access additional travel options including cruises, guided tours, luxury homes and more. Bonus Points are perfect for trying an all-new destination or adventure. Visit resorts around the world and combine your points to check off an item on your travel bucket list.
  • Travel comfortably with a Priority Pass. Want a little extra privacy and comfort while you travel? Purchase a Priority Pass with your Bonus Points and relax in one of more than 1,200 airport lounges in over 130 cities worldwide. Step away from the hustle and bustle of airport terminals to enjoy dining, retail and spa discounts between flights.
  • Book an RCI® Exchange vacation. Members have access to thousands of affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries through RCI Exchange, expanding your vacation options across the globe. Use Bonus Points to book your stay at select RCI resorts. Explore new horizons you never thought possible and become a world traveler in the process.

Make Every Point Count

ClubPoints and Bonus Points are different, but they serve the same purpose — to improve your membership experience. As you continue to travel with Hilton Grand Vacations, your Bonus Points will start to build up. And as you learn more about your membership, you’ll see just how flexible our points system is.

This chart provides an overview of where ClubPoints and Bonus Points can take you:



Learn more about how points work with Hilton Grand Vacations and discover all the amazing ways you can turn your travel dreams into once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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