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A Hilton Grand Vacations Owner's Guide to Using Hilton Honors Points

Danette Q.

Okay, Owners. Here is another reason why I am glad to be a part of the Hilton family/brand. One of the greatest rewards that Hilton Grand Vacations offers its Owners is the opportunity to earn and use Hilton Honors Points.

I’ve learned over the years how to really accumulate and use them.  So, I am going to share a few quick tips I’ve gathered:

Bring on the Emails

First and foremost, you really want to make sure that you are signed up with Hilton Honors (HH) to receive all of their emails. Make sure you read each and every one of them. Why? HH offers specials all the time. Some are advertised publicly, and others are only available to HH members.

Log In Regularly

If you rather not bog your inbox down with emails, you can also sign in regularly to your Hilton Honors account and view the special offers. It’s just a little quicker to read the email to see if you are interested in what is being offered. In addition, most specials for HH members include both local (inside the U.S.) and international travel. These specials are time sensitive, so you should always pay attention to the detailed information.

Get the Best Value

If you see a special that you are interested in using Hilton Honors points, go online and view all of the properties in your potential travel area. You will notice that different Hilton brands have different point values. You should check back daily, as the point values can change at any moment (invoke “theory of economics”, aka. supply and demand, if the property is in demand the point values will rise).

Pro Tip: If you make a reservation and the point value decreases, you can call Hilton Honors guest service and they will make adjustments in your favor. 

Existing Points Caveat

Last, be aware that you can’t earn points when you book a stay using existing points! In this case, you may want to consider using the “Pay with Points & Money” option.

Keeping up with all that Hilton Grand Vacations has to offer can sometimes become a little time consuming, but, I promise you that receiving the emails is extremely helpful. I hope this information is helpful to you when using Hilton Honors Points.

Danette Q.

A Member for over 12 years, Danette will never forget the day she became an Owner at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Tuscany Village. Her vacation ownership lifestyle inspires her passion for taking photos, offering vacation-planning advice, and sharing travel tips with others. On vacation, Danette enjoys theme parks, amusement attractions, and educational venues, and loves trying at least one new thing on each trip she takes. She is the ultimate positive person, living each day to the fullest wherever she is in the world. Her favorite travel destination is Florida because of all the activities available and the incredible weather. Danette’s best vacation memory was a month-long east coast road trip where she stayed at Hilton family hotels the entire distance. In fact, for the past 29 years, Danette hasn’t stayed anywhere else but Hilton Grand Vacations or Hilton-brand properties.

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