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Improving Our Carbon Footprint

Our commitment to being environmentally friendly extends to how we communicate with our Owners and Guests, including our decision to distribute our Club Traveler magazine exclusively in digital format. It’s just one of the many ways we’re working to protect the world in which we live and travel.


Club Traveler Eco-Friendly Efforts

Less Paper Waste

Preventing nearly 350,000 pounds from ending up in landfills annually

More Trees Saved

Approximately 2,600 annually

Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

1.2M pounds of CO₂ per year, the same as 65 million air miles

The Motivation Behind Our Actions

  • A study conducted by Discover magazine suggests that paper manufacturing and production has a significant impact on the climate, causing a "vapour trail" that accounts for more than 7% of global GHG emissions (higher than aviation emissions)1
  • A study by the European Environmental Paper Network on the impact of paper consumption found that the lifecycle of paper causes significant greenhouse gas emissions, and that addressing that impact should be a central part of every major organization’s climate change efforts2
  • According to the Paper Task Force, a joint project of the nonprofit group Environmental Defense, Duke University and several large corporations; printing 1 million magazines a month releases approximately 614 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere3
  • reports that every ton of coated, high-end virgin magazine paper sacrifices 15+ trees4
  • There's currently no international standard for managing a product lifecycle carbon footprint in the publishing industry5