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A Hilton Grand Vacations Owner Review: Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Plus How to Live a Travel Lifestyle

Discover how to make the most of timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacations

The Vacationeer
Family of three walking hand in hand, small girl looking back, Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hawaii.

For some people, vacations are a chance to explore the world and travel somewhere new. For others, vacations are an established tradition, allowing families to reconnect in a beloved location every year.

For Elite Premier Owner Lynsey W., Hilton Grand Vacations allows her family to discover new locations and return to their favorite destinations. Thirty years ago, Lynsey’s parents became Owners at Kings’ Land, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, on the Big Island, and they’ve been vacationing in Hawaii ever since.

But they aren’t limited to just Kings’ Land. “We spend a lot of time in Hawaii, so we were really excited when they opened Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club,” Lynsey said.

She and her family had the opportunity to experience Maui Bay Villas in November 2021, during the soft opening. We caught up with Lynsey about her experience there, as a Hilton Grand Vacations owner familiar with the other Hawaiian properties. “Maui Bay Villas felt so exclusive, like we were the only ones there,” she said.

Aerial view of stunning super pool complex, Maui Bay Villas, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hawaii.    

By far, Lynsey’s favorite amenity was the pool, where there was something for everyone. “The layout is so nice. It’s huge and includes a hot tub, waterslide and shallower pools for kids,” she said.

She also loved the cabanas, which are equipped with seating, TVs and even a refrigerator. “We were at the pool, and my dad was planning to go back to the room to watch basketball. So I asked why he couldn’t watch the game at the cabana. He hadn’t realized that was an option!” she said with a laugh.

While the resort’s restaurant and beach club aren’t open yet, prepared travelers like Lynsey shouldn’t be deterred from visiting. The beach is a short walk from the resort, and plenty of food options are nearby. “On any vacation, you always want to plan ahead when it comes to food,” Lynsey advised. “At the resort, there are stores and restaurants within walking and driving distance. Plus, the rooms have fully equipped kitchens, so we were able to bring food, pack picnics and make our own meals.”

Lynsey hadn’t been to Maui in years, so she also enjoyed exploring the island for things to do. One of her favorite places was Paia, about 20 minutes from the resort. With shopping, amazing restaurants and a fish market, Paia was an ideal place to get reacquainted with Maui’s local sights and tastes.

But Lynsey said the best part of the whole trip was time spent with loved ones. “My favorite memory from Maui was the lunar eclipse,” she said. “It was a few hours process, but we just laid outside and watched. It was 77 degrees that night, and the moon went right to the ocean. It was incredible to see.”

Gorgeous nighttime panorama of the Milky Way glowing above the Pacific ocean, mountains in the distance, Maui, Hawaii.    

Memories like these bring Lynsey and her family back to Hilton Grand Vacations Clubs. Everyone in her family takes advantage of their Points. Her brother and his girlfriend were just in Las Vegas, and the family has plans to return to Maui and the Big Island later this month.

When asked about how her family manages their Points, Lynsey advised using Points when you can and rolling over what you don’t use. “Make sure you don’t miss any deadlines for rolling Points over,” she said.

“You can also make Points stretch. We get a 3-Bedroom Suite when we travel, which uses more Points, but we could stay on a different floor or go to a smaller property and utilize Points to stay longer. It just depends on what you want and your lifestyle.”

Beautiful tropical vista from golf course at Grand Wailea Maui, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, Hawaii.    

For Lynsey, Hilton Grand Vacations makes travel possible for her lifestyle. “It’s so easy to travel to places. There’s a lot that I want to do!” she said. Specifically, Lynsey loves that Hilton Grand Vacations offers the flexibility to go anywhere she wants, whenever she wants, whether it’s her home base at Kings’ Land or one of the international destinations on her bucket list.         

For those curious about timeshare, Lynsey encourages them to consider it as an option. “I know people always want to go to Hawaii, so we’re fortunate that, with Hilton Grand Vacations, it’s our home base.

"For how much we travel, it’s worth it to own timeshare rather than a vacation home that we’d have to maintain. We want to enjoy our vacation, not worry about property taxes."

— Lynsey W., Hilton Grand Vacations Elite Premier Owner

However, Hawaiian vacations aren’t the only benefit of timeshare to consider. “If you don’t want to travel, then timeshare probably isn’t for you,” Lynsey admitted. Think about a gym membership; it might not be worthwhile for someone who doesn’t go to the gym. But someone who actively exercises will value that membership. It truly comes down to what you value.

“Hilton Grand Vacations has great resources to help you vacation the way you want. We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Hilton Grand Vacations going above and beyond,” Lynsey said.

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