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Explore Why Two Hilton Grand Vacations Owners Became HGV Max Members

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It's an exciting time for Hilton Grand Vacations Owners. In addition to celebrating 30 years' worth of unforgettable vacations and a growing portfolio of destinations, Members can also look forward to new ways to upgrade their time away.

"As we celebrate our 30th anniversary and this exciting next chapter, we're thrilled to launch our new membership program, HGV Max, which offers enhanced and elevated benefits to Members," said Mark Wang, president and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations. 

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What is HGV Max? Six Tiers and Endless Possibilities

HGV Max is the newest Points-based membership program offering expanded benefits. Available to existing Owners and new buyers, HGV Max is designed to combine the best of both Clubs, Hilton Grand Vacations Club and The Club with added benefits.

While Members are not required to purchase HGV Max, many Owners have already decided to take advantage of these new benefits. 

An Insider Look at HGV Max

Laurie L. from Iowa has been a Hilton Grand Vacations Member since 2013 and recently upgraded to HGV Max. "My favorite thing about traveling with Hilton Grand Vacations is going back to a familiar place and knowing what to expect regarding accommodations," Laurie explained. 

"However, there are a few destinations I like to visit where Hilton Grand Vacations doesn't have resorts yet, so the idea of having better options in these places is enticing to me. My family and I visit Hawaii several times a year, as we like to island hop and visit the different resorts. The first HGV Max resort we are hoping to book will be in Kauai."

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Like Laurie, Cliff B. wanted to add new destinations to his travel roster. At the time, he was an Elite Owner traveling for as long as six months to his favorite destinations: Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando and Myrtle Beach.

But after exploring the HGV Max benefits, he realized how many new travel opportunities he'd have. "I upgraded to Elite Plus and HGV Max for the number of locations. That makes it completely worth it," Cliff said. 

But it wasn't just the access to more than 140 Hilton Grand Vacations and rebranded Diamond resorts * for Cliff and Laurie. There were other reasons that they decided HGV Max was right for them. 

For example, one of the HGV Max benefits is Hilton Honors™ status and membership. Member and Preferred tiers receive Silver status, Preferred+ and Premier receive Gold, and Premier+ and Centum+ tiers afford you Diamond status.

"I'm a Hilton Diamond customer, and I got to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club in California. And I stayed for free for two nights, and I got free breakfast. I would never stay in these luxurious Hilton properties if it weren't for my memberships," Cliff said. 

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Ultimately, it all came back to Cliff’s love of travel and the ability to travel better for less. "I'm looking at it long term and saying this will be a lot less expensive than if I was staying at hotels," Cliff explained. 

Laurie had practical reasons, too. As a new retiree, it's Laurie's goal to travel more than ever, despite having less income. "Moreover, I wanted to switch out to a property with lower maintenance fees, and HGV Max enables me to do just that," Laurie explained. 

Then, of course, there are personal reasons — the reasons not listed alongside the program's features and benefits lists. Those reasons are different for every traveler but fuel our need to explore the world all the same, and Cliff explained his simply.

"One of the other reasons I did this is because I worked pretty hard and wanted to reward myself. It was my present to myself."

Read "Earn More Rewards with Hilton Grand Vacations' Membership Tiers" to discover which membership tier is best for you. 

*HGV Max benefit available later in 2022.

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